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Why do you need a Free Website Monitor?

Get your FREE Website Monitor – You have spent a lot of time, effort and money to get your website looking good and ranking highly on Google for your chosen Keyword Phrases. So you want to keep it at the top of Google and make sure that customers click through and buy your products and services.

If your site is down when they click through from Google you are not going to get any business and your Google Ranking is likely to drop due to lack of traffic and feedback. Good Website monitoring does not need to be expensive, in fact you can get it completely free by just clicking on the image below.

Monitor websites and servers, online and remotely

On vacation, asleep, or just running errands, you will now have peace of mind. You will know instantly should your Web Hosting provider has a network issue or if your website itself is offline…. and it’s totally FREE.

Public and Email Reports

Reports on hand when you need to show your superiors or your IT staff. Of course, all of this detailed information is available within the portal any time you require it. UptimeSpy.com has nodes around the world to ensure your website issues are pinpointed. Just because one node reports your site is down, does not mean it is offline.

Get your Free Website Monitor today

Get your FREE Website Monitor

Get your FREE Website Monitor

Get A Free Website Monitor Right Now?

SystemAssure Google Search ResultsMost companies spend a lot of time, money and effort making sure that their website content is correct. That the site is attractive and will engage visitors.

They might even have spent money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure that their site comes out near the top for people searching with Google, Bing etc.

However if when your, potential, customer clicks on the link in Google to go to your site they get an error message, or the site just doesn’t display then all of the money spent on getting people to the point of ‘clicking’ is totally wasted. If your site is not available they have no means of contacting you and will simply click on the next available link.

How can you make sure your website is working?

There are lots of tools available which can provide different levels of website monitoring, all at different prices, which provide different services. SystemAssure automatically includes basic connectivity and availability monitoring for up-to 5 websites. We check the connectivity every 2 minutes from several different locations. If you sign up for SystemAssure monitoring for a server we include the website health and availability monitoring for up-to 5 websites for free.

Free Website Monitor

If you want a Free website monitor, simply go to the SystemAssure site and follow the instructions at the base of the WebSite Health Page. The Free Website Monitor will test the availability of one website every 10 minutes. If the site isn’t available then we will send you an email, so you know about the problem before your customers.