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Do you want to use a Direct Debit Service to take regular payments from your Clients? If you want to use Direct Debit but your Bank doesn’t offer Direct Debit as they are not a Clearing Bank then take a look at GoCardless

Why GoCardless?

  • If your Business Bank isn’t one of the Clearing Banks then they won’t offer Direct Debit as a Service to your Business.  GoCardless is a Web based service offered to UK Bank Account holders, including Small Businesses.
  • It cost less than PayPal –  GoCardless charge 1% as a Transaction charge, up to a maximum of £2.00 per transaction. So if you charge a client £400 a month for a Service your charges are just £2.00
  • Its all electronic and also integrates with accounting packages like Xero, KashFlow, FreeAgent, ClearBooks, QuickFile and Sage.
  • There is also integration from WHMCS for Service Providers

Is GoCardless Direct Debit Safe?

  • GoCardless is Registered with the FCA as a Small Payment Institution
  • GoCardless access the Direct Debit Network through its Sponsor Bank RBS
  • Transactions are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee
  • All details are RSA encrypted and communications is over Secure Channels

 10 Reasons to Use GoCardless Direct Debit

  1.  No more chasing Late Payments – Take control of when your customers pay by setting them up on Direct Debit for future payments
  2. Automatically reconcile your invoices – GoCardless integrates with accounting software , so there is no more digging through bank statements to see who has paid.
  3. Save Money on Payments – Keep more of your hard earned money. GoCardless charge just 1% and cap fees at £2.00 per transaction
  4. Customers love paying by GoCardless – No more writing cheques or manually sending Bank Transfers
  5. Flexible Payments to suit you – Take one off payments, subscriptions or variable payments from your customers via Direct Debit
  6. Peace of Mind – Your funds are protected in ring fenced accounts and GoCardless are registered with the FCA
  7. Your Customers are Protected – Your customers can pay with confidence. In the event of a dispute the Direct Debit Guarantee ensures they get refunded
  8. Fast easy setup – No lengthy application review. No talking to your bank. Signup online in minutes and start accepting payments today
  9. Keep Track of Payments – You get notified when customers pay, or if a payment goes wrong. No more wondering if you have been paid
  10. Risk Free & no Commitments – There are no setup fees or monthly commitments, you can try it completely Risk Free

Unlike other UK Direct Debit Services there are no fixed charges,  or minimum commitments. You could start with a single £1.00 Direct Debit and pay just 1p in transaction charges.

Next Steps with Direct Debit

Take a look at the GoCardless Service, just follow the link to GoCardless if you signup after following the link you will also get the first £50.00 of your GoCardless transactions fees waived.