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Is email marketing dead?

Why not send Direct Mail Postcards straight from your PC, similar to running an email campaign but you send your information of a beautifully designed postcard instead.

Take a quick look at the video below and see how you could start sending out your own Direct Mail Postcards, without the need to stick stamps on. It costs less then you think and may even be less than the price of buying the stamps from the Post Office.

If you don’t like watching Videos then just follow the link and you can walk through the instructions to create your own Direct Mail Postcard.

Send Direct Mail Postcards Today

You can sign up for a FREE account today and you only ever pay for any Postcards or letters that you send using the service. Even better you get £1.00 of FREE credit to test the service at not risk – send yourself a postcard to see how it works.

If Direct Mail Postcards are not for you then you can use the optional Print Driver to send your letters and Invoices in the post without having to leave your desk.

The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

Author: Eric Groves

ISBN: 0470503416

The Constant Contact Guide to email Marketing: What Every Organization Can Learn From the World's Leading Email Marketing CompanyIf you run a small or medium size business then you will be engaged in some form of marketing. Email Marketing is one of the most common forms of marketing, as generally it is low cost and simple to do. There are loads of companies who offer email marketing services, Constant Contact is one of the major players, along with Awebber and Vertical Response.

Whilst this book is targeted at users of Constant Contact it contains a lot of useful information that is applicable to any of the common email marketing platforms. Eric Groves has done a great job of providing a invaluable guide to the art of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Eric Groves and Constant Contact show you how to create high-impact, low-cost email campaigns

Email marketing is an incredibly cost effective way to establish and build relationships that drive business success. But, it can also be a challenge because the inbox is a hostile environment. Whether your email is noteworthy or an annoying waste of your customer’s time depends on your ability to stick to stick the fundamentals of good marketing and authentic relationship building.

The ‘Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing’ presents best practices and relationship-building principles from America’s leading email marketing firm. With over 280,000 small business and non-profit clients, Constant Contact is constantly testing and learning what works and what doesn’t, and it’s all here. There’s no other email guide on the market that provides this level of comprehensive, practical guidance. Whether you’re starting your own small business or need to grow on a shoestring budget, this book will get you up to speed fast.

The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing will demonstrate:

  • Ten email pitfalls that will get your business into trouble
  • Ten things your customers expect you to do
  • The “soft” benefits of email marketing
  • The benefits of using email marketing in combination with other marketing efforts
  • How four types of permissions can make or break your strategy
  • How to build email lists that are valuable and effective
  • How to Create valuable content
  • The benefits of choosing an effective, professional email format
  • How to ensure your emails are delivered, opened, and read

With The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing, you’ll learn to avoid the common mistakes of email marketing, give your customers content they love, and combine an effective email marketing strategy with your traditional marketing efforts giving you way more bang for your marketing buck.

What is in The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

The book is laid out in 14 chapters that show you how to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1 The 40 “Know It or Blow It” Rules of Email Marketing
  • Chapter 2 The Power of Email Relationships
  • Chapter 3 Making Money: The Economics of Email
  • Chapter 4 The Benefits of Permission-Based Email Marketing
  • Chapter 5 Building a Quality Email List
  • Chapter 6 Making Your Email List More Valuable
  • Chapter 7 The Three Rules of Valuable Email Content
  • Chapter 8 Creating Email Content That Leads to Action
  • Chapter 9 Looking Professional: Choosing an Effective Email Format
  • Chapter 10 Making Introductions: Subject Lines, From Lines, and Frequency
  • Chapter 11 Email Filters and Other Delivery Challenges
  • Chapter 12 Tracking and Improving Email Campaigns
  • Chapter 13 Collecting More Feedback with Surveys
  • Chapter 14 Getting Beyond the Inbox
  • About the Author
  • About Constant Contact
  • Index

The Constant Contact Guide to email Marketing: What Every Organization Can Learn From the World's Leading Email Marketing CompanyThis book is full of powerful knowledge which show you how to improve your email campaigns and make sure that you don’t fall foul of privacy and spam regulations.

You can order the Paper copy of the book or download the Kindle Edition direct from Amazon by clicking on the book cover to your left.

I hope that you enjoyed our review of ‘The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing’

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