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Safe Browsing protects from Phishing and Malicious Sites

Lookout have extended Lookout Premium to add Safe Browsing on your Mobile Phone. Now you can click with confidence on links from Facebook, email, text messages, etc. and Safe Browsing checks it out first to make sure it is safe and alerts you if the site appears malicious.

Safe Browsing extends the type of Web Protection that you are used to in the office on your desktop PC to your mobile, when you are at your most vulnerable.

Lookout - Safe Browsing URL ScannedHow does Safe Browsing Help?

Safe Browsing, part of Lookout Premium, works with the inbuilt Android Browser and adds the URL Scan and protect facility. Keeping you safe and secure  when browsing the Mobile Web. If you read email on the move and click on a link within your email you are now protected from Phishing Sites, helping to keep your Personal Data safe and secure.

Safe Browsing extends the, already comprehensive, set of Mobile Security features that comprise Lookout Premium. Now you really can keep your personal data safe and secure when using your mobile.

How do I get Safe Browsing?

If you are an existing Lookout Premium user then just make sure that you have upgraded to the Version 6.01, or later, and you will now have the options for Safe Browsing in your Lookout Dashboard.

If you don’t yet have Lookout then just pop over to the Lookout Download site, or go to the Android Market and Download your copy of Lookout Premium and get Safe Browsing.


Get all the features of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free plus:

The new evaluation of Malwarebytes Pro allows you to test the features of the Professional edition for 14 days before it  reverts to the feature set of the Free Edition. Malwarebytes Pro adds the following features to the set available in the Free Edition.

  • Realtime Proactive Protection
  • Blocks Malicious Websites
  • Stops Malicious Code
  • Scheduled Scanning & Updates

Malwarebytes products have a proven record of protecting computers by completely removing all forms of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and rootkits. When it comes to the safety of your computer, Malwarebytes provides the ultimate in protection from the cutting edge of technology!

The Free version of Malwarebytes is a great tool to deal with those after the fact issues, the Pro version ensures that you are protected in the first place so that you never get infected with Malware. Now you can try the Pro features as part of an evaluation.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO

Start a 14-day trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO and you can activate Realtime Proactive Protection. After your trial, purchase an upgrade and maintain your protection or simply wait and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will automatically return to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free functionality.

Only the most sophisticated anti-malware techniques can detect and remove malicious programs from your computer. Malwarebytes Anti-Malwares PRO combines powerful new technologies designed to seek out, destroy and prevent malware.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO detects AND protects in an easy-to-use, straightforward, heavy-hitting but lightweight anti-malware application.

Lookout mobile security catches car thieves

Its a US video, so unfortunately has the mandatory 15 second  commercial at the beginning, but is well worth watching to see how Lookout Mobile Security helps in real life.

What is Lookout Mobile Security?

Lookout is a Mobile Security application which works on Blackberry, Android phones and Windows Mobile. Protecting your phone from rogue applications, malware and spyware.  It provides 4 key features.

  • Security from Malware
  • Data Backup
  • Device Management
  • Missing Device – Remote Location and Remote Wipe

In this video Lookout Mobile Security helped to recover a stolen car, which had the owners mobile phone in it. So it has gone beyond the expected use of the application, protecting the data and device from malware and rogue applications.

Free Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security comes in 2 flavours:-

  • Free
  • Premium

The table below shows the features in each version of Lookout Mobile Security

Feature Description Free Premium
Security Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware Included Included
Privacy Advisor No Included
Backup Contacts Backup Included Included
Photo, Call History Backup No Included
Restore Data to Existing Phone Included Included
Transfer Data to New Phone No Included
Missing Device Find Phone (Locate & Scream) Included Included
Remote Wipe No Included
Remote Lock No Included
Support Standard Support Included Included
Premium Support No Included

The Premium version of Lookout costs $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

Lookout Web Interface

Below is a quick summary image from the Lookout Mobile Security website.

Lookout Mobile Security Web Interface

Get Lookout Mobile Security

You can download Lookout Mobile Security from the Lookout website a www.mylookout.com

Protect your mobile phone with Lookout Mobile Security

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software

Successfully Remove Malware from your Computer

Today I had another instance of Malware on a computer that was brought into the office. In this case the problem manifested its self as not being able to run .exe files.

The computer was a laptop running Windows Vista, once the Malware had installed its self you were unable to run any executable files, like Word, Excel etc, all you got was an error message. So now we had to Remove Malware from the computer to recover it for the client. The best tool to do this is Malwarebytes.

My daughter had exactly the same problem last night, on her PC at university. She was unable to launch Word, to print off an assignment that was due in. A quick phone call to ‘PC support’, her father, and Malwarebytes was downloaded, installed and run. Once again Malwarebytes  saved the day, we managed to remove malware, the assignment was completed and in on time and I now have a happy daughter.

How is Malware delivered?

In both these cases the malware was delivered by an email claiming to be from “United Parcel Service” or UPS inviting you to open an attachment to show you what they were unable to deliver. So if you don’t have a robust Spam service you are more likely to receive this type of email. If you need assistance with Anti-Spam go to SystemAssure and we can help.

How to Install Malwarebytes on an infected computer

As I was unable to run .exe files on the infected computer I couldn’t run a web browser to download Malwarebytes, so there is a process that I had to go through in order to install and run MalwareBytes. This is outlined below:-

  • On another computer go to the Malwarebytes website http://www.malwarebytes.org/ and then select the Download (Free Version) icon at the top of the page.
  • Download Free version will take you to the CNET download page, don’t worry this is correct.
  • Download the free version of Malwarebytes and copy it to a USB drive.
  • Plug the USB key into the infected computer.
  • From the Start Menu of the PC select  Computer and then navigate to the USB drive
  • Right Click on the Malwarebytes executable and select Run as Administrator. This gets round not being able to double click on the .exe to install it.

How to Run Malwarebytes to remove malware from your computer

Once Malwarebytes has installed it will start automatically. At this point it will usually tell you that the database is out of date and ask if you want to check for updates. At this point I normally decline, as I don’t connect the PC to a network until we have carried out an initial scan. That way it can’t infect anything else on the same network. The process I usually follow is:-

  • Carry out a full Scan –  this can take several hours depending on the size of your local disk
  • Delete any infections found
  • Reboot the computer to ensure that any memory resident malware is removed
  • Connect the Network, so that the updater can get to the Internet for the database updates
  • Login
  • Re-run Malwarebytes. This time make sure that you update the Malware database. Its up to you if you run a Quick Scan or a Full Scan at this point. I usually run another Full Scan and check that it hasn’t found any additional Viruses or Malware
  • If the 2nd Full Scan finds anything else you need to reboot once it has cleaned the Malware
  • I normally run a final Quick Scan just to confirm that the 2nd scan successfullyremoved the Malware. A Quick Scan will normally take about a quarter of the time of a Full Scan.

To date Malwarebytes has managed to Remove Malware every time I have asked it to. If you think that your computer is infected, or if you want to ensure that you don’t need to continually remove malware then get yourself a copy of Malwarebytes.

Next Steps to Remove Malware

The Free Version of Malwarebytes doesn’t allow you to schedule scans or to use the RealTime protection module to remove malware, it will let you Remove Malware found by a manual scan. You can either buy a full copy of Malwarebytes, or use a service like SystemAssure to provide you with a Managed Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus service.

If you want to remove malware from your computer, and make sure it doesn’t come back, then get a copy of Malwarebytes.

Lookout provide Mobile Security for SmartPhonesLookout - Mobile Security for Smartphones

Smartphones are now a major part of our daily lives both for work and relaxation. We rely on them for email, testing, Social Networking, essential applications banking and shopping. For most of us our phones hold our entire lives, hold a lot of personal information, business contacts and access to business and social networks.

Why do we need Mobile Security?

As the use of our phones increases so does our vulnerability. That’s why its essential to protect our phones from threats of any kind; including mobile viruses, Trojans, worms, attempts to steal private data and the loss or theft of our phones.Every month Lookout blocks thousands of malicious applications, finds countless lost phones and restores important information that people though was lost forever.

Lookout – Mobile Security for Smartphones

Lookout provides both free and paid for versions of their Mobile Security applications, these cover:-

  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile

What does Lookout Mobile Security Provide?

Lookout Mobile Security provides the following functions:-

  • Security – from viruses and Trojans, like the Gemini Trojan (which is targeting Android phones)  which can:
    • Read and collect SMS Messages
    • Send and Delete SMS Messages
    • Extract Contact information and forward it to a remote server
    • Initiate Phone calls
    • Download files to your phone
  • Privacy Advisor – information about downloaded applications, regarding what data they have access to
  • Data Backup – if you loose your phone, or are issued with a new one, you can restore your contacts, photos and information with a simple mouse click.
  • Device Location – if you loose or misplace your phone, and who hasn’t had that moment of panic at least once. Then Lookout Mobile Security can:-
    • Locate your phone for you, it will even display the location on Google Maps
    • Make your phone Scream, so you can find it in a crowded office
    • Lock your phone, so no one can get at your data
    • Delete your Data – last resort, but it will make sure that no one else can get at your private information
  • Remote Control

I have been using Lookout Mobile Security on my Android powered HTC Desire Z for a while now and have been very impressed with both the functionality and its light footprint.

Lookout – Mobile Security is highly recomended for all users of Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Go to www.mylookout.com and you can download your Free copy of the Mobile Security application direct from Lookout.

Malware Protection CenterMicrosoft Malware Protection

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center shows the latest information from Microsoft about the new additions to Security Essentials and Forefront, for Enterprises.

What the Microsoft Malware Protection Provides

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center provides:

  • Information about the latest Viruses and Malware that have been discovered
  • Detailed information about specific Viruses
  • Advices on how to avoid Viruses and Malware
  • Access to the Threat Encyclopedia

What else is available in the Microsoft Malware Protection Center?

In addition to the detailed information about specific Threats you can also download Anti-Virus updates for the following Microsoft Security Products.

  • Microsoft Forefront
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Microsoft One Care
  • Microsoft Defender

Microsoft have a robust anti-virus and Malware portfolio of products with the Forefront range of Enterprise products. Small Businesses and home users can now benefit from the same infrastructure and investment.

Free Anti-Virus Software – should I use it?

Everyone who uses a computer should have anti-virus software installed, but should you use the Free Anti-Virus Software that several companies offer? The free products typically use the same core anti-virus engine as the companies chargeable products, they are just missing some of the advanced features of the big brother.

There are a lot of Free Anti-Virus software products available on the Internet, so where should you get your copy from and which one should you use?

What Free Anti-Virus Software is available?

Most of the Anti-Virus companies offer some form of Free product, these include:-

AVG-Free Antivirus Software
Microsoft Security Essentials Free Antivirus software for up to 10 PC's
Avast Free Anti virus software Avira Free Antivirus Software
AVG Microsoft Avast Avira

All of the above links direct you to the website of the company who write the software, check before you download.

There are other Free Anti-Virus software products available from other manufacturers, but we know that all of these work and we don’t have experience of the free versions of all of the other products.

Where  Should I download Free Anti-Virus Software from?

You should make sure that you download all forms of Security Software, including Anti-Virus software and Anti-Malware Software, direct for the appropriate company website. i.e. Download Security Essentials direct from the Microsoft website and Avira from the Avira website. That is the only way that you can make sure that the software you are downloading is genuine and isn’t a scam, or some form of malware.

Which  Free Anti-Virus Software should I use?

All of the anti-virus applications above are for Windows PC’s and they all do a good job of keeping viruses at bay. They all get scheduled anti-virus signature updates, typically only once a day for the Free products. So in the end it does come down to personal preference and the features that you are looking for in the product. My personal preference would be for Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials, but that is because I have more experience with these products.

Can I use Free Anti-Virus Software in my Business?

All of the Free Anti-Virus software products are licensed for use on personal, or home, computers. Of the 4 Free Anti-Virus Software products above only Microsoft Security Essentials allows you to use it within a small business.

Microsoft Security Essentials is now licensed to allow small business with up to 10 PC’s to use the product for free.

Free Anti-Virus Software is a good option for home PC’s and is now an option for Small Businesses, with Microsoft changing their licensing for Security Essentials.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials - The Best Free Anti virus product

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you are looking for the best free anti virus product on the Internet for your home PC, or Small Business, now you can work and play on your PC more safely. With Microsoft® Security Essentials, it’s easy to help protect your PC from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software for FREE* with the same award-winning technology used by millions of consumer and enterprise PCs around the world. Security Essentials provides Malware protection in addition to Anti-Virus protection, making it possibly the best free anti virus tool available.

Is Security Essentials the Best Free Anti Virus Product?

You don’t need to pay for Home, or Small Business, Anti Virus software

Microsoft are the latest company to to make their Anti Virus products free for home users. Several other anti-virus providers, probably the best knows is AVG Free, have a version of their Anti Virus software which can be used for free on Home PC’s. In a recent update Microsoft have now made Security Essentials available free of charge to Small Businesses with up to 10 PC’s.

Is Security Essentials the Best Free Anti Virus product?

Well its certainly at least as good as the other Free Anti Virus products, if not the best free anti virus product that we have tried. Security Essentials is based on the Forefront technology that is used by hundreds of thousands of Microsoft enterprise customers, so it has a lot of research behind it.

Installing Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials Website To get your copy of  the Free Anti Virus product from Microsoft click on the ‘Security Essentials, Free Download’ graphic above.

This connect to the Internet and display the Microsoft Security Essentials site, where you can either download and install Security Essentials or you can find out more about the product by watching the video.

Click on the Download Now button and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

You can see the steps outlined for the download and installation, for what is possibly the best free anti virus product available, in the process below:-

Download Security Essentials

Download Microsoft Security EssentialsAfter you have selected to Download Microsoft Security Essentials you will see the screen to the left.

Confirm the Language version that you want to download and then click on the Operating System Version that you are using. XP 32 bit, Vista/Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit.

Once you have confirmed your Operating System Version, in the download screen,  then the download of Security Essentials will start automatically.

Note: you may get the ‘Standard’ Windows file download warning, you can safely ignore this warning message and proceed with the download.

The Download Process

Download  Microsoft Security Essentials for Free

The file will then be downloaded for you to save locally on your computer. Make sure that you note where the file is downloaded to, as you may need this information later on.

Once the download has completed you should select the option to run the installation file and then follow the detailed on-screen instructions. This will ensure that Microsoft Security Essentials is installed and configure correctly and that the latest updates are applied to ensure that your home computer  is protected by, what is possibly, the best free anti virus product available.

The instructions on screen will guide you though the installation process and make sure that Security Essentials has the latest updates installed.

Install Security Essentials

Accept the Security Essentials License TermsBefore you can proceed with the installation process You will need to accept the Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA).

You should, of course, read the ELUA before you accept and agree to it, by pressing the I accept Button.

Once you have accepted the EULA then Microsoft Security Essentials will verify that you are using a genuine version of Windows before continuing the installation process.

Should you be  using a pirate, or unauthorised, version of Windows the installation will terminate at this point as Microsoft Security Essentials will only install on a system which passes the validation process.

Note: Microsoft does not collect any information during the Validation process which can be used to identify who you are, neither do they ask for any contact information such as an email address.

Operating System Validation

Remove other AV productsPress the Validate > Button to continue with the Validation process. This will verify that your versions of Microsoft Windows is a genuine version and that it has a valid license.

Once the validation of your Windows Operating System has been confirmed you can start the installation by pressing the Install > Button.

Once you have pressed the Install Button then the installation process will start and a Status Bar will be displayed, showing you the progress of the installation.

This will continue to update during the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Security Definition Updates

Installed & ScanningAfter the installation process has completed the Computer Status will be set to ‘At Risk’ whilst the virus and spyware definitions are updated to the latest version.

Whilst your computer remains At Risk the Status Line will be bright red, to indicate that you are not currently fully protected.

This process will always happen as there will have been additional anti virus and anti malware updates which have been issued since Microsoft Security Essentials was packaged. The security updates will take a few moments to download and install.

Once the definitions have been updated the status line will change to Green and the status will be set to protected. At the same time a Quick Scan of the computer will be carried out. The status of the scan will be updated as things progress.


The Update Tab will show you the version of the virus and spyware definitions and also show when they were last updated. If you want you can manually update the definitions, or more likely you will set the updates to take place on a regular schedule.
Computer Protected

Once the initial scan is completed then you are protected from Viruses.  Security Essentials will automatically update the virus definitions on a regular basis.

One of the advantages of the Free Anti virus products is the fact there there isn’t a subscription which can expire. So the virus and spyware definitions should always be up to date, so it truly should be a ‘set it and forget it’ product.

In another post we will discuss how to configure and use Microsoft Security Essentials to ensure that you are always up to date and protected for viruses and malware. This will help you to get the most out of Microsoft Security Essentials and show you that it is, possibly, the best free anti virus product available.

Is Security Essentials the Best Free Anti Virus Product?

We certainly think its one of the Best Free Anti Virus products that you can get. Why not let us know your experiences with Security Essentials by filling out the Comments below.

* Microsoft Security Essentials is available at no charge for Home customers who are verified to have a copy of genuine Windows in select countries. No registration or personal information is required, only automatic verification of your genuine Windows installation.

Need security for your business?

Microsoft Security Essentials is now  available for small businesses with up to 10 PCs. If your business has more than 10 PCs, you can protect your computers with Microsoft Forefront Client Security.

Do you think that Microsoft Security Essentials is the Best Free Anti Virus Product available, let us know.

AVG Enter the Android Security Market

AVG, the well known Anti Virus maker, have entered the Android Security market and gone mobile with their products as they announced that they have bought DroidSecurity.

More about the buyout on the AVG Blog at http://product-team.blog.avg.com/2010/11/avg-goes-mobile-with-droidsecurity-purchase.html

What is Android Security?

Android Security with AntiVirusFree Download Link

So what is Android Security and why should you care? Android Security is more than just Anti-Virus for your Android phone. AntiVirusFree is available from DroidSecurity to improve your Android Security for Mobile Phones and tablet devices and covers:

  • Anti Virus Scans
  • Malware checks when downloading to your Android Device
  • Website checks when browsing
  • Checks on email and SMS Messages for Malware
  • SMS Spam protection
  • Locate Lost or Stolen devices, if they are GPS enabled
  • Remotely lock your  Android device, if its been stolen
  • Wipe the content of your phone remotely
  • Manage Android Applications Remotely

You get all of the above features for FREE and provide similar functions to HTC Sense on the HTC Desire range. There is a Pro version, which costs $9.99 and adds adds additional SMS Security features along with Premium Support. Download AntiVirusFree to improve your Android Security by following the links or by clicking on the AntiVirusFree logo, above.

Mobile Control for Android Security

There is a Mobile Control Panel which controls all of the remote management features to enhance your Android Security. The control panel features would also make the product very attractive to Businesses who are looking for an alternative to the Blackberry, but want to maintain device and application manageability.

So why did AVG buy DroidSecurity?

Of the 100,000 plus apps currently available on the Android market, DroidSecurity antivirus free consistently ranks in the top 50 most popular apps. It estimates that over 10% of all Android mobile devices today use DroidSecurity, making it the largest provider of anti-virus apps for the Android market and among the fastest growing apps today.

CEO of AVG, JR Smith says:

“Our acquisition of DroidSecurity will accelerate the delivery of sophisticated mobile security so that Internet users around the world have the reliable and secure technology they need to securely mitigate the risks associated with mobile device usage.”

Getting a foothold in the Android Security market is a good move for AVG, I am sure we will hear more of AVG as they move further into Android Security.

Why did Intel buy McAfee for $7.68 Billion?

Intel have announced today that they are buying McAfee, the Anti Virus software company. The full details and Press Release are available on the Press section of the Intel Website.

Why did Intel buy McAfee?

Why would Intel, the company who produce the processor chips inside most PCs, buy a software company who specialise in Anti-Virus and security software? 

Intel are looking to make security an integral part of the future of hardware devices that use their technology. When Intel buy McAfee, one of the most well known and respected security companies around, they also acquire a huge amount of technology, knowledge and research.

Intel buy McAfee – what does it mean us?

It shows that Intel are serious about security and that they want to steal a march on competitors like AMD.

Intel InsideIf Intel can embed security technology into their chips it will, ultimately, mean a more secure computing experience for all of us.

Imagine your laptop with a ‘Intel Inside, Secured by McAfee’ sticker on it. If the combined strengths of Intel and McAfee mean that you are more likely to buy a PC with an Intel Processor in it, because it is inherently more secure, then Intel have done their job. If McAfee security software can make better use of the technology of Intel processors then you are more likely to use McAfee.

So at the end of the day it make good commercial sense for Intel to buy McAfee and, if they get it right we benefit with a more secure computing experience.  

It will also mean that it will be much simpler for McAfee to build out an appliance based technology for the Enterprise.