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Are you looking for a Free LogMeIn replacement?

As you may have heard LogMeIn have decided to discontinue the Free version of their well known Remote PC Connection product, which was used by thousands of people worldwide.

There are a lot of individuals and small businesses who are looking for a lowcost or free LogMeIn replacement and there are now several companies who are providing their remote connection software free to Home Users.

Once company has also taken the Bull by the horns and decided to make their Computer Remote connection software free, for business with upto 10 PC’s is Usoris Systems with their Remote Utilities Product.

Remote Utilities - Free LogMeIn Replacement Remote Utilities is a very comprehensive product and will make an ideal free LogMeIn replacement for Small Businesses and home users who need occasional remote access to their home or office when away from their PC.

They even have Apps for Android devices and Apple IOS devices, so you can control your PC and pick up files etc from your iPad or iPhone.

If, as a business, you need to go beyond the 10 PC’s then they have cost effective pricing schedules for either a Per PC pricing (for unlimited users) or for a Per Operator pricing to manage unlimited PC’s.

If you need a free LogMeIn replacement today then pop over to the Remote Utilities Website and download your copy today.


Need to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites?

If you manage multiple WordPress Sites, either for your own business or for your clients, then you know how much time this can take up. ManageWP is a great tool that lets you carry out all of the essential Blog Management tasks on Multiple WordPress Sites from a single admin console.

Its completely FREE for 30 days and if you have fewer than 5 sites then it continues to be free forever.

ManageWP Intro Video

Watch the introductory video below and see how ManageWP can transform your WordPress management.

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

This is one of the best WordPress Plugins I have come across and is a huge time saver.

If you like the introduction to the ManageWP plugin then watch the New User Introduction Video below and you have a Virtual Training course to be up and running in 5 minutes.

If you like what you have seen then pop over to the ManageWP.com and sign up for your FREE Trial account and start Monitoring, Managing and Optimising your WordPress sites.

Instant Mobile WordPress Blog with WPtouch –  Turn your existing WordPress Blog into a Mobile optimised site in just seconds with WPtouch. WPtouch is a WordPress Plugin which optimises your WordPress site for various Mobile platforms including; iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Some themes are Responsive and adapt well to Mobile devices, others don’t adapt quite so easily, how would you like to provide your mobile viewers with an an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog, optimised for their device?

How do you get an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog

ComputerSpot viewed on a Galaxy S3WPtouch works by detecting devices like iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Tablets and more, then serving its optimised themes instead of your regular desktop theme. Mobile visitors can switch between the Mobile or Desktop theme if they choose, so that they are not forced to view the Mobile site if they don’t want to.

Site with Mobile Optimisation

Viewing the ComputerSpot site on a Samsung Galaxy S3 normally looks like the image on the left, you can see the mobile optimised version of the same pages below:-

Viewed on the Samsung Galaxy S3 you can see that the ComputerSpot website looks very similar on the standard (Android 4.1) mobile browser as when it is viewed on a standard Desktop browser, like Google Chrome or FireFox.

WPtouch Free

Install the Free version of the WPtouch WordPress plugin and your site immediately starts to look different on a mobile device. Even before you start changing any of the WPtouch Settings you have a Mobile Optimised version of your site.

The Free Version of the WPtouch plugin optimises for generic mobile devices, Learn more about WPtouch Pro » and you can see that the Pro version then adds specific optimisations for the iPad and the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

Some of the other differences between the Free version and WPtouch Pro include:-

  • Instant Mobile WordPress Blog - WPtouchCreate mobile sites as Web Apps
  • Use of WordPress 3 Custom Menus
  • Multi Level Menu Support
  • iPhone Retina Display Support
  • Select different Themes
  • Skeleton Template included

Instant Mobile WordPress Blog

As you can see the original site (above) and the mobile optimised site on the right look very different. Click on either image to see them full size in a pop-up lightbox window.

The Instant Mobile WordPress Blog  on the right is using the default settings from the Free version of WPtouch. So even with the Free version you instantly get a professional looking mobile WordPress blog site.

Adding the WPtouch Pro Plugin to your WordPress site to get an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog is much quicker and simpler than changing your existing WordPress Theme for a Responsive Theme. It also means that your current Desktop Users will continue to see your established theme, they will only see the Mobile Theme if they view it from a Mobile Phone, Android Tablet or iPad.

If you use the WPtouch Pro module then you have full control over how the site will look, so if you run a WordPress Blog and want to attract and keep mobile visitors with an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog then WPtouch Pro is the best option available.

Switching between Views

By default the Mobile Optimised site will be offered up to all mobile devices.

Switch Between Mobile Theme and DesktopHowever mobile users will be able to switch between the Mobile Optimised site and the traditional Destop view by scrolling to the end of the site and turning Moble Theme on or off.

So to get your Instant Mobile WordPress Blog, Learn more about WPtouch Pro » and you get the Free edition Plugin today and have an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog within a minute.

Are you waiting for JellyBean (Android 4.1) for your Galaxy S3? Well its available in the UK now from most of the major mobile phone providers.

If you have checked on your Galaxy S3 for the latest Android update (Settings > About device > Software Update >Check for Updates) and you get a message similar to the one below then you should be able to jump the queue of people waiting for the Over The Air update to JellyBean.

Updates are being issued to users in the order they applied, please try again later

Then your Mobile Phone company have issued the upgrade to JellyBean and you just have to wait in the queue.

How to jump the JellyBean for Galaxy S3 Queue

If like me you don’t want to wait and are fed-up with checking on a regular basis then you can jump the queue for JellyBean using this simple and safe method.

  1. Go to the Samsung Website and download Kies
  2. Install Kies on your Mac or PC
  3. Connect your Galaxy S3 via USB
  4. Kies will then detect that there is a ROM update available for your phone

The update will then be downloaded and installed on your phone.

Kies Update for Jellybean         Download JellyBean Update          JellyBean for Galaxy S3 Updated

Thats it you have now installed JellyBean for Galaxy S3 and are up and running with the latest version of Android on your phone. From start to finish, including installing Samsung Kies, the whole process took about 10 minutes.

Benefits of JellyBean for Galaxy S3

Well the phone certainly feels snappier and web browsing etc all appear to be faster. I am not sure if this is just wishful thinking on my part or if it has made a difference. The next few days will tell.

When did you last Backup Your Computer?

Most of us have loads of irreplaceable information on our computers, photo’s, business information, that book we have been trying to write. In general this information only lives in one place, our computer, but when did you last backup your computer.

The other week my laptop was knocked onto the floor, whilst I was on a clients site, unfortunately the screen and keyboard broke and the laptop was a write off. Saturday morning saw me in the local PC Super Store buying a replacement, as I needed to have a working laptop for Monday mornings meetings.

Luckily my laptop was set up with our Cloud Backup service, Best Online Backup UK, so within a couple of minutes I had access to all of my documents, templates, photos etc. from my new PC. I have never been so glad of having installed a simple piece of software that works silently in the background.

Backup Your Computer with Best Online Backup UKWhen did you last Backup Your Computer?

For me the answer to ‘When did you last backup your computer?’  is simple, every minute of every day that my PC is connected to the Internet. As soon as I save a new file, document etc it starts to backup to the Cloud Backup Service. It even supports versions and incremental backups, so if I update a large document only the changes in the document get uploaded.

Free Trial

Go to www.BestOnlineBackupUK.co.uk and get a Free 14 day trial and always know the answer to the questions ‘ When did you last Backup Your Computer ?’

CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network. We automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. Read the rest of this entry »
Hi Tech Halloween costume, using iPads to give you a hole in your stomach. Read the rest of this entry »

Do you need to Convert PDF to Word?

Most of us have Adobe PDF documents that we occasionally need to update or edit. If you don’t have the origional documents there are ways round it just Convert PDF to Word.

Options to Convert PDF to Word

  • Install an application on your PC
  • Use an on-line service to Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word – Free Service

If you don’t need to Convert PDF to Word on a regular basis then take a look at www.pdftoword.com this simple, Free, service allows you to upload a PDF file and receive it back, by email, in Word 2007 format. The exact amount of time will depend on the server loads at the service, every time I have used it the email arrives back in just a couple of minutes.
Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word – Installed Application

If you need to Convert PDF to Word on a regular basis then you may be better off using an installed application. This also give you more control over the conversion process and the layout options. In that case take a look at NitroPDF This is from the same people who provide the Free Online Service. Nitro PDF provides a 14 day Trial, which lets you convert unlimited PDF files, without restrictions.

Quick Summary

If you need to Convert PDF to Word as a trial or on an occasional basis then just use the Free Online Service. Its highly accurate, very quick and provides a great service.
If you need to regularly convert PDF documents, want a high level of control over the layout, or just don’t like the idea of uploading files to an external service for conversion then download NitroPDF and Convert PDF to Word.

Do you get an error when you try to open attachments in Outlook?

I had a situation last week where a customer couldn’t open .tiff attachments direct from Outlook, however if they saved the attachment first they could open it. The customer was using SBS 2003 and the attachments were inbound faxes, so we needed to fix it for them. Double clicking on the, saved, .tif file allowed them to open attachments so I knew that the File Associations were set correctly, as the .tif file opened correctly in Windows Photo Gallery.

File Associations
File Associations

You can check the File Associations in Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Associations

Why can’t I open attachments in Outlook?

When you try to open attachments in Outlook, in the background, Outlook makes a temporary copy of the file in a Secure Temp Folder, a sub-folder of the Temporary Internet Files Folder. In most cases the problem is that Outlook can’t create the temporary file. Occasionally this will be because you don’t have permissions to the temporary folder, but more often than not its because there are too many files in the folder. In this case all we need to be to enable you to open attachments from Outlook again is to delete the old files from the sub-folder.

Fix to allow you to Open Attachments in Outlook

The sub-folder name Outlook creates  in the Temporary Internet Files folder is random.

In Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, this folder is called Content.Outlook and then has a sub-folder which is named with with random numbers and letters. By default, you can’t simply browse to the folder to clean it out, finding the Temporary Outlook Folder can still be accomplished in  couple of simple steps though.

Find the Outlook Temporary folder

The folder location, for the Outlook Temporary Files, is stored in the registry in the following key;

Outlook 97 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\8.0\Outlook\Security
Outlook 98 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\8.5\Outlook\Security
Outlook 2000 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Outlook\Security
Outlook 2002/XP HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Security
Outlook 2003 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Security
Outlook 2007 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Security
Outlook 2010 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Security

Outlook Secure Temp Registry Key

Get to the folder

Outlook SecureTemp Key

  1. Double click on the OutlookSecureTempFolder registry key to open it
  2. Select the Value Data and Copy the path from the key.
  3. Open Windows Explorer
  4. Paste the address in the Address Bar and press Enter
  5. This will now open the SecureTemp Directory and display the contents
  6. You can now select the files and delete them

The SecureTemp directory should normally be cleared when you exit Outlook, so if you don’t regularly shut Outlook Down then you may come across this problem.

Check that you can now open attachments from Outlook

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software

Successfully Remove Malware from your Computer

Today I had another instance of Malware on a computer that was brought into the office. In this case the problem manifested its self as not being able to run .exe files.

The computer was a laptop running Windows Vista, once the Malware had installed its self you were unable to run any executable files, like Word, Excel etc, all you got was an error message. So now we had to Remove Malware from the computer to recover it for the client. The best tool to do this is Malwarebytes.

My daughter had exactly the same problem last night, on her PC at university. She was unable to launch Word, to print off an assignment that was due in. A quick phone call to ‘PC support’, her father, and Malwarebytes was downloaded, installed and run. Once again Malwarebytes  saved the day, we managed to remove malware, the assignment was completed and in on time and I now have a happy daughter.

How is Malware delivered?

In both these cases the malware was delivered by an email claiming to be from “United Parcel Service” or UPS inviting you to open an attachment to show you what they were unable to deliver. So if you don’t have a robust Spam service you are more likely to receive this type of email. If you need assistance with Anti-Spam go to SystemAssure and we can help.

How to Install Malwarebytes on an infected computer

As I was unable to run .exe files on the infected computer I couldn’t run a web browser to download Malwarebytes, so there is a process that I had to go through in order to install and run MalwareBytes. This is outlined below:-

  • On another computer go to the Malwarebytes website http://www.malwarebytes.org/ and then select the Download (Free Version) icon at the top of the page.
  • Download Free version will take you to the CNET download page, don’t worry this is correct.
  • Download the free version of Malwarebytes and copy it to a USB drive.
  • Plug the USB key into the infected computer.
  • From the Start Menu of the PC select  Computer and then navigate to the USB drive
  • Right Click on the Malwarebytes executable and select Run as Administrator. This gets round not being able to double click on the .exe to install it.

How to Run Malwarebytes to remove malware from your computer

Once Malwarebytes has installed it will start automatically. At this point it will usually tell you that the database is out of date and ask if you want to check for updates. At this point I normally decline, as I don’t connect the PC to a network until we have carried out an initial scan. That way it can’t infect anything else on the same network. The process I usually follow is:-

  • Carry out a full Scan –  this can take several hours depending on the size of your local disk
  • Delete any infections found
  • Reboot the computer to ensure that any memory resident malware is removed
  • Connect the Network, so that the updater can get to the Internet for the database updates
  • Login
  • Re-run Malwarebytes. This time make sure that you update the Malware database. Its up to you if you run a Quick Scan or a Full Scan at this point. I usually run another Full Scan and check that it hasn’t found any additional Viruses or Malware
  • If the 2nd Full Scan finds anything else you need to reboot once it has cleaned the Malware
  • I normally run a final Quick Scan just to confirm that the 2nd scan successfullyremoved the Malware. A Quick Scan will normally take about a quarter of the time of a Full Scan.

To date Malwarebytes has managed to Remove Malware every time I have asked it to. If you think that your computer is infected, or if you want to ensure that you don’t need to continually remove malware then get yourself a copy of Malwarebytes.

Next Steps to Remove Malware

The Free Version of Malwarebytes doesn’t allow you to schedule scans or to use the RealTime protection module to remove malware, it will let you Remove Malware found by a manual scan. You can either buy a full copy of Malwarebytes, or use a service like SystemAssure to provide you with a Managed Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus service.

If you want to remove malware from your computer, and make sure it doesn’t come back, then get a copy of Malwarebytes.