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Would you like to quickly create video presentations in minutes, without the need for expensive software?

Auto Video CreatorWith Auto Video Creator you can quickly create a video presentation, for your website or the tradeshow you are attending. You don’t even have to talk, as Auto Video Creator will convert your text into speech and do the talking for you.

There are just so many different ways that you can use this software to create video presentations for your website.

Talking Datasheet

You can turn a flat product datasheet into a lively talking video presentation in just a couple of minutes. How much more powerful is that for your prospects than just a datasheet!

Software not a Subscription

This offer is for Software, its not a monthly subscription like some services. You will be amazed at what you get for such a low price and you own the videos that you create forever and they don’t have any branding.

Watch the Auto Video Creator video, download your copy today and start creating your own video presentations.

Is email marketing dead?

Why not send Direct Mail Postcards straight from your PC, similar to running an email campaign but you send your information of a beautifully designed postcard instead.

Take a quick look at the video below and see how you could start sending out your own Direct Mail Postcards, without the need to stick stamps on. It costs less then you think and may even be less than the price of buying the stamps from the Post Office.

If you don’t like watching Videos then just follow the link and you can walk through the instructions to create your own Direct Mail Postcard.

Send Direct Mail Postcards Today

You can sign up for a FREE account today and you only ever pay for any Postcards or letters that you send using the service. Even better you get £1.00 of FREE credit to test the service at not risk – send yourself a postcard to see how it works.

If Direct Mail Postcards are not for you then you can use the optional Print Driver to send your letters and Invoices in the post without having to leave your desk.

Do you want to use a Direct Debit Service to take regular payments from your Clients? If you want to use Direct Debit but your Bank doesn’t offer Direct Debit as they are not a Clearing Bank then take a look at GoCardless

Why GoCardless?

  • If your Business Bank isn’t one of the Clearing Banks then they won’t offer Direct Debit as a Service to your Business.  GoCardless is a Web based service offered to UK Bank Account holders, including Small Businesses.
  • It cost less than PayPal –  GoCardless charge 1% as a Transaction charge, up to a maximum of £2.00 per transaction. So if you charge a client £400 a month for a Service your charges are just £2.00
  • Its all electronic and also integrates with accounting packages like Xero, KashFlow, FreeAgent, ClearBooks, QuickFile and Sage.
  • There is also integration from WHMCS for Service Providers

Is GoCardless Direct Debit Safe?

  • GoCardless is Registered with the FCA as a Small Payment Institution
  • GoCardless access the Direct Debit Network through its Sponsor Bank RBS
  • Transactions are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee
  • All details are RSA encrypted and communications is over Secure Channels

 10 Reasons to Use GoCardless Direct Debit

  1.  No more chasing Late Payments – Take control of when your customers pay by setting them up on Direct Debit for future payments
  2. Automatically reconcile your invoices – GoCardless integrates with accounting software , so there is no more digging through bank statements to see who has paid.
  3. Save Money on Payments – Keep more of your hard earned money. GoCardless charge just 1% and cap fees at £2.00 per transaction
  4. Customers love paying by GoCardless – No more writing cheques or manually sending Bank Transfers
  5. Flexible Payments to suit you – Take one off payments, subscriptions or variable payments from your customers via Direct Debit
  6. Peace of Mind – Your funds are protected in ring fenced accounts and GoCardless are registered with the FCA
  7. Your Customers are Protected – Your customers can pay with confidence. In the event of a dispute the Direct Debit Guarantee ensures they get refunded
  8. Fast easy setup – No lengthy application review. No talking to your bank. Signup online in minutes and start accepting payments today
  9. Keep Track of Payments – You get notified when customers pay, or if a payment goes wrong. No more wondering if you have been paid
  10. Risk Free & no Commitments – There are no setup fees or monthly commitments, you can try it completely Risk Free

Unlike other UK Direct Debit Services there are no fixed charges,  or minimum commitments. You could start with a single £1.00 Direct Debit and pay just 1p in transaction charges.

Next Steps with Direct Debit

Take a look at the GoCardless Service, just follow the link to GoCardless if you signup after following the link you will also get the first £50.00 of your GoCardless transactions fees waived.

Need to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites?

If you manage multiple WordPress Sites, either for your own business or for your clients, then you know how much time this can take up. ManageWP is a great tool that lets you carry out all of the essential Blog Management tasks on Multiple WordPress Sites from a single admin console.

Its completely FREE for 30 days and if you have fewer than 5 sites then it continues to be free forever.

ManageWP Intro Video

Watch the introductory video below and see how ManageWP can transform your WordPress management.

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

This is one of the best WordPress Plugins I have come across and is a huge time saver.

If you like the introduction to the ManageWP plugin then watch the New User Introduction Video below and you have a Virtual Training course to be up and running in 5 minutes.

If you like what you have seen then pop over to the ManageWP.com and sign up for your FREE Trial account and start Monitoring, Managing and Optimising your WordPress sites.

Sparkol Videoscribe lets you create your own Hand Drawn Video for your website.

You can use your hand drawn Video on your website, or post it to YouTube. You don’t need to be able to draw to use it to create your own hand drawn video, you just need a good idea and a bit of imagination.

Hand drawn Video is a great attention grabber on your website, take quick look at the one below as an example.

You can use your own images,or import them from the web. If you want to use your own hand, or a custom pen, in the video you can import photos of your hand. You can even get  Sparkol Videoscribe to draw your logo for you and use that as part of your hand drawn video.

Get your free 7 day trial of Sparkol Videoscribe and you can create your own hand drawn video today. It works on PC’s, Mac, Android and iPad

Ever had that heart stopping moment – I can’t find my laptop!

Most of us have those moments of panic when we loose our laptop, you start thinking “When did I last use my Laptop, did I leave it somewhere?”

Did you know that every 50 seconds a laptop goes missing.

Every day hundreds know the panic laptop theft brings.

Only LoJack for Laptops has a dedicated Theft Recovery Team that works to find and recover your stolen laptop, while giving you tools to remotely protect your private and sensitive data.Find My laptop with LoJack for Laptops

Find my Laptop with LoJack for laptops

See how Lojack for Laptops can help find my Laptop when I loose it. To find out more about LoJack for laptops and how you can find your lost or stolen laptop quickly and easily just click on the image on the right and you will be able to start protecting your laptop within minutes.

When your computer is stolen, you can feel powerless, but you don’t have to. LoJack® for Laptops by Absolute® Software gives you the power to remotely locate,lock and delete the data on your computer before it falls into the wrong hands.

Most powerful of all, only LoJack for Laptops has a dedicated Theft Recovery Team that works with local law enforcement to recover your stolen laptop and return it to you.

Map Your Laptop’s Location

Is your laptop really stolen? Or did you leave it on a business trip? Using Wi-Fi geolocation, LoJack for Laptops can map and display your laptop’s current and past whereabouts. So you’ll know whether it’s simply left behind, or something more serious. Even when your laptop is safe and sound, you can see that LoJack for Laptops is on the job.

Instant Mobile WordPress Blog with WPtouch –  Turn your existing WordPress Blog into a Mobile optimised site in just seconds with WPtouch. WPtouch is a WordPress Plugin which optimises your WordPress site for various Mobile platforms including; iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Some themes are Responsive and adapt well to Mobile devices, others don’t adapt quite so easily, how would you like to provide your mobile viewers with an an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog, optimised for their device?

How do you get an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog

ComputerSpot viewed on a Galaxy S3WPtouch works by detecting devices like iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Tablets and more, then serving its optimised themes instead of your regular desktop theme. Mobile visitors can switch between the Mobile or Desktop theme if they choose, so that they are not forced to view the Mobile site if they don’t want to.

Site with Mobile Optimisation

Viewing the ComputerSpot site on a Samsung Galaxy S3 normally looks like the image on the left, you can see the mobile optimised version of the same pages below:-

Viewed on the Samsung Galaxy S3 you can see that the ComputerSpot website looks very similar on the standard (Android 4.1) mobile browser as when it is viewed on a standard Desktop browser, like Google Chrome or FireFox.

WPtouch Free

Install the Free version of the WPtouch WordPress plugin and your site immediately starts to look different on a mobile device. Even before you start changing any of the WPtouch Settings you have a Mobile Optimised version of your site.

The Free Version of the WPtouch plugin optimises for generic mobile devices, Learn more about WPtouch Pro » and you can see that the Pro version then adds specific optimisations for the iPad and the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

Some of the other differences between the Free version and WPtouch Pro include:-

  • Instant Mobile WordPress Blog - WPtouchCreate mobile sites as Web Apps
  • Use of WordPress 3 Custom Menus
  • Multi Level Menu Support
  • iPhone Retina Display Support
  • Select different Themes
  • Skeleton Template included

Instant Mobile WordPress Blog

As you can see the original site (above) and the mobile optimised site on the right look very different. Click on either image to see them full size in a pop-up lightbox window.

The Instant Mobile WordPress Blog  on the right is using the default settings from the Free version of WPtouch. So even with the Free version you instantly get a professional looking mobile WordPress blog site.

Adding the WPtouch Pro Plugin to your WordPress site to get an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog is much quicker and simpler than changing your existing WordPress Theme for a Responsive Theme. It also means that your current Desktop Users will continue to see your established theme, they will only see the Mobile Theme if they view it from a Mobile Phone, Android Tablet or iPad.

If you use the WPtouch Pro module then you have full control over how the site will look, so if you run a WordPress Blog and want to attract and keep mobile visitors with an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog then WPtouch Pro is the best option available.

Switching between Views

By default the Mobile Optimised site will be offered up to all mobile devices.

Switch Between Mobile Theme and DesktopHowever mobile users will be able to switch between the Mobile Optimised site and the traditional Destop view by scrolling to the end of the site and turning Moble Theme on or off.

So to get your Instant Mobile WordPress Blog, Learn more about WPtouch Pro » and you get the Free edition Plugin today and have an Instant Mobile WordPress Blog within a minute.

Are you waiting for JellyBean (Android 4.1) for your Galaxy S3? Well its available in the UK now from most of the major mobile phone providers.

If you have checked on your Galaxy S3 for the latest Android update (Settings > About device > Software Update >Check for Updates) and you get a message similar to the one below then you should be able to jump the queue of people waiting for the Over The Air update to JellyBean.

Updates are being issued to users in the order they applied, please try again later

Then your Mobile Phone company have issued the upgrade to JellyBean and you just have to wait in the queue.

How to jump the JellyBean for Galaxy S3 Queue

If like me you don’t want to wait and are fed-up with checking on a regular basis then you can jump the queue for JellyBean using this simple and safe method.

  1. Go to the Samsung Website and download Kies
  2. Install Kies on your Mac or PC
  3. Connect your Galaxy S3 via USB
  4. Kies will then detect that there is a ROM update available for your phone

The update will then be downloaded and installed on your phone.

Kies Update for Jellybean         Download JellyBean Update          JellyBean for Galaxy S3 Updated

Thats it you have now installed JellyBean for Galaxy S3 and are up and running with the latest version of Android on your phone. From start to finish, including installing Samsung Kies, the whole process took about 10 minutes.

Benefits of JellyBean for Galaxy S3

Well the phone certainly feels snappier and web browsing etc all appear to be faster. I am not sure if this is just wishful thinking on my part or if it has made a difference. The next few days will tell.

When did you last Backup Your Computer?

Most of us have loads of irreplaceable information on our computers, photo’s, business information, that book we have been trying to write. In general this information only lives in one place, our computer, but when did you last backup your computer.

The other week my laptop was knocked onto the floor, whilst I was on a clients site, unfortunately the screen and keyboard broke and the laptop was a write off. Saturday morning saw me in the local PC Super Store buying a replacement, as I needed to have a working laptop for Monday mornings meetings.

Luckily my laptop was set up with our Cloud Backup service, Best Online Backup UK, so within a couple of minutes I had access to all of my documents, templates, photos etc. from my new PC. I have never been so glad of having installed a simple piece of software that works silently in the background.

Backup Your Computer with Best Online Backup UKWhen did you last Backup Your Computer?

For me the answer to ‘When did you last backup your computer?’  is simple, every minute of every day that my PC is connected to the Internet. As soon as I save a new file, document etc it starts to backup to the Cloud Backup Service. It even supports versions and incremental backups, so if I update a large document only the changes in the document get uploaded.

Free Trial

Go to www.BestOnlineBackupUK.co.uk and get a Free 14 day trial and always know the answer to the questions ‘ When did you last Backup Your Computer ?’

CamCard Business Card Scanner

CamCard lets Android and iPhone users create Contacts by just taking a photo of a Business Card, it really is that simple. The software is available as a Free Download for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Why a Business Card Scanner?

If, like me, you live out of Outlook then the first thing that I do when I get handed a business card  is to add the contact details into Outlook. From there it synchronises with my mobile phone and also with our Office VoIP phone system, so no matter where I am I have all the details to hand when I am talking to someone. Now I don’t even need to take a Business Card from someone, I just need to take a photo of it and let CamCard do the rest.

How to get the CamCard Business Card Scanner for your Android Phone

You can download the Free or Paid for versions of the Android App from the Android Market, just search for CamCard. The Free version of the Business Card Scanner lets you convert 10 cards in the first week of installing the App and then an additional 2 Business Cards a week after that. To unlock it to allow the creation of unlimited cards requires a small payment of about £4.00.
CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

There is also a version of the CamCard Business Card Scanner for the iPhone, which has additional functionality over and above that provided in the Android version of the App.  CamCard supports 12 languages and works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. You can download the CamCard Business Card Scanner from the iPhone AppStore.

You can find out more about this great Free Business Card Scanner App on their website at www.intsig.com