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Need to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites?

If you manage multiple WordPress Sites, either for your own business or for your clients, then you know how much time this can take up. ManageWP is a great tool that lets you carry out all of the essential Blog Management tasks on Multiple WordPress Sites from a single admin console.

Its completely FREE for 30 days and if you have fewer than 5 sites then it continues to be free forever.

ManageWP Intro Video

Watch the introductory video below and see how ManageWP can transform your WordPress management.

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

This is one of the best WordPress Plugins I have come across and is a huge time saver.

If you like the introduction to the ManageWP plugin then watch the New User Introduction Video below and you have a Virtual Training course to be up and running in 5 minutes.

If you like what you have seen then pop over to the ManageWP.com and sign up for your FREE Trial account and start Monitoring, Managing and Optimising your WordPress sites.

Sparkol Videoscribe lets you create your own Hand Drawn Video for your website.

You can use your hand drawn Video on your website, or post it to YouTube. You don’t need to be able to draw to use it to create your own hand drawn video, you just need a good idea and a bit of imagination.

Hand drawn Video is a great attention grabber on your website, take quick look at the one below as an example.

You can use your own images,or import them from the web. If you want to use your own hand, or a custom pen, in the video you can import photos of your hand. You can even get  Sparkol Videoscribe to draw your logo for you and use that as part of your hand drawn video.

Get your free 7 day trial of Sparkol Videoscribe and you can create your own hand drawn video today. It works on PC’s, Mac, Android and iPad

CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network. We automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. Read the rest of this entry »

CamCard Business Card Scanner

CamCard lets Android and iPhone users create Contacts by just taking a photo of a Business Card, it really is that simple. The software is available as a Free Download for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Why a Business Card Scanner?

If, like me, you live out of Outlook then the first thing that I do when I get handed a business card  is to add the contact details into Outlook. From there it synchronises with my mobile phone and also with our Office VoIP phone system, so no matter where I am I have all the details to hand when I am talking to someone. Now I don’t even need to take a Business Card from someone, I just need to take a photo of it and let CamCard do the rest.

How to get the CamCard Business Card Scanner for your Android Phone

You can download the Free or Paid for versions of the Android App from the Android Market, just search for CamCard. The Free version of the Business Card Scanner lets you convert 10 cards in the first week of installing the App and then an additional 2 Business Cards a week after that. To unlock it to allow the creation of unlimited cards requires a small payment of about £4.00.
CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

There is also a version of the CamCard Business Card Scanner for the iPhone, which has additional functionality over and above that provided in the Android version of the App.  CamCard supports 12 languages and works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. You can download the CamCard Business Card Scanner from the iPhone AppStore.

You can find out more about this great Free Business Card Scanner App on their website at www.intsig.com

Capsule CRM add Mobile Support

Capsule CRMCapsule CRM have added Mobile support to their hugely successfully Cloud CRM Application.  If you already use Capsule CRM you can start using the Capsule CRM mobile application today.

Mobile Support with Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM Mobile supports the following mobile phones.

  • iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
  • Android phones running Android 2.1+ such as Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy S
  • BlackBerry phones running BlackBerry OS 6 such as BlackBerry Bold and Torch

I am happily running Capsule CRM Mobile on my HTC Desire Z. It seems to work just fine, and the ability to call a contact by just clicking on the number is superb. If you have the customer address it will look up the location on Goggle Maps,another great edition.

How to Get Capsule CRM Mobile

Enter the the following URL into the browser on your phone to install Capsule Mobile:

Be sure to replace the [your-account] bit with the relevant part from your Capsule account URL. You’ll be prompted to enter your username and password and a pop-up message will ask your permission to allow additional storage space to be used on your phone. It may take several minutes for your contacts to be downloaded to your phone.

More about Capsule CRM

If you haven’t already tried Capsule CRM you can set up a trial in  just minutes. Just go to www.capsulecrm.com and sign up for a Free Trial. Unless you are a very small business its best to sign up for the Free 30 day Trial rather than the Free Account, as the 250 contacts in the Free account quickly disappear.

The Free Trial of the Professional edition supports unlimited users and 50,000 contacts, once your 30 day Free trial is up Capsule CRM costs just £8.00 a month per user

With Contact Manager, Accounts, Sales Pipeline, Opportunities and Task work-flows catered for Capsule is the ideal Small Business CRM.

Capsule CRM  has integration into several other cloud services, these include:

Capsule CRM allows you to integrate with Outlook other email services and also lets you put Web-to-Lead forms on your website, so you can capture sales opportunities direct into Capsule CRM.

We plan detailed articles about using Capsule CRM in future Posts. So do your business a favour and start using Cloud Based Sales automation with Capsule CRM today.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials - The Best Free Anti virus product

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you are looking for the best free anti virus product on the Internet for your home PC, or Small Business, now you can work and play on your PC more safely. With Microsoft® Security Essentials, it’s easy to help protect your PC from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software for FREE* with the same award-winning technology used by millions of consumer and enterprise PCs around the world. Security Essentials provides Malware protection in addition to Anti-Virus protection, making it possibly the best free anti virus tool available.

Is Security Essentials the Best Free Anti Virus Product?

You don’t need to pay for Home, or Small Business, Anti Virus software

Microsoft are the latest company to to make their Anti Virus products free for home users. Several other anti-virus providers, probably the best knows is AVG Free, have a version of their Anti Virus software which can be used for free on Home PC’s. In a recent update Microsoft have now made Security Essentials available free of charge to Small Businesses with up to 10 PC’s.

Is Security Essentials the Best Free Anti Virus product?

Well its certainly at least as good as the other Free Anti Virus products, if not the best free anti virus product that we have tried. Security Essentials is based on the Forefront technology that is used by hundreds of thousands of Microsoft enterprise customers, so it has a lot of research behind it.

Installing Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials Website To get your copy of  the Free Anti Virus product from Microsoft click on the ‘Security Essentials, Free Download’ graphic above.

This connect to the Internet and display the Microsoft Security Essentials site, where you can either download and install Security Essentials or you can find out more about the product by watching the video.

Click on the Download Now button and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

You can see the steps outlined for the download and installation, for what is possibly the best free anti virus product available, in the process below:-

Download Security Essentials

Download Microsoft Security EssentialsAfter you have selected to Download Microsoft Security Essentials you will see the screen to the left.

Confirm the Language version that you want to download and then click on the Operating System Version that you are using. XP 32 bit, Vista/Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit.

Once you have confirmed your Operating System Version, in the download screen,  then the download of Security Essentials will start automatically.

Note: you may get the ‘Standard’ Windows file download warning, you can safely ignore this warning message and proceed with the download.

The Download Process

Download  Microsoft Security Essentials for Free

The file will then be downloaded for you to save locally on your computer. Make sure that you note where the file is downloaded to, as you may need this information later on.

Once the download has completed you should select the option to run the installation file and then follow the detailed on-screen instructions. This will ensure that Microsoft Security Essentials is installed and configure correctly and that the latest updates are applied to ensure that your home computer  is protected by, what is possibly, the best free anti virus product available.

The instructions on screen will guide you though the installation process and make sure that Security Essentials has the latest updates installed.

Install Security Essentials

Accept the Security Essentials License TermsBefore you can proceed with the installation process You will need to accept the Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA).

You should, of course, read the ELUA before you accept and agree to it, by pressing the I accept Button.

Once you have accepted the EULA then Microsoft Security Essentials will verify that you are using a genuine version of Windows before continuing the installation process.

Should you be  using a pirate, or unauthorised, version of Windows the installation will terminate at this point as Microsoft Security Essentials will only install on a system which passes the validation process.

Note: Microsoft does not collect any information during the Validation process which can be used to identify who you are, neither do they ask for any contact information such as an email address.

Operating System Validation

Remove other AV productsPress the Validate > Button to continue with the Validation process. This will verify that your versions of Microsoft Windows is a genuine version and that it has a valid license.

Once the validation of your Windows Operating System has been confirmed you can start the installation by pressing the Install > Button.

Once you have pressed the Install Button then the installation process will start and a Status Bar will be displayed, showing you the progress of the installation.

This will continue to update during the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Security Definition Updates

Installed & ScanningAfter the installation process has completed the Computer Status will be set to ‘At Risk’ whilst the virus and spyware definitions are updated to the latest version.

Whilst your computer remains At Risk the Status Line will be bright red, to indicate that you are not currently fully protected.

This process will always happen as there will have been additional anti virus and anti malware updates which have been issued since Microsoft Security Essentials was packaged. The security updates will take a few moments to download and install.

Once the definitions have been updated the status line will change to Green and the status will be set to protected. At the same time a Quick Scan of the computer will be carried out. The status of the scan will be updated as things progress.


The Update Tab will show you the version of the virus and spyware definitions and also show when they were last updated. If you want you can manually update the definitions, or more likely you will set the updates to take place on a regular schedule.
Computer Protected

Once the initial scan is completed then you are protected from Viruses.  Security Essentials will automatically update the virus definitions on a regular basis.

One of the advantages of the Free Anti virus products is the fact there there isn’t a subscription which can expire. So the virus and spyware definitions should always be up to date, so it truly should be a ‘set it and forget it’ product.

In another post we will discuss how to configure and use Microsoft Security Essentials to ensure that you are always up to date and protected for viruses and malware. This will help you to get the most out of Microsoft Security Essentials and show you that it is, possibly, the best free anti virus product available.

Is Security Essentials the Best Free Anti Virus Product?

We certainly think its one of the Best Free Anti Virus products that you can get. Why not let us know your experiences with Security Essentials by filling out the Comments below.

* Microsoft Security Essentials is available at no charge for Home customers who are verified to have a copy of genuine Windows in select countries. No registration or personal information is required, only automatic verification of your genuine Windows installation.

Need security for your business?

Microsoft Security Essentials is now  available for small businesses with up to 10 PCs. If your business has more than 10 PCs, you can protect your computers with Microsoft Forefront Client Security.

Do you think that Microsoft Security Essentials is the Best Free Anti Virus Product available, let us know.

3CX SoftPhone for VoIPPC VoIP Softphone

I was looking for a good VoIP softphone to use my Voiplicity Hosted VoIP account. In the past I had used Xlite but was having a few problems getting it working reliably on my all of my VoIP accounts. I travel a fair amount for work so being able to use the office phone system from my laptop, in a hotel room, is a real bonus. Whilst looking for a good VoIP Softphone I tried several different ones and the one that impressed me the most was the 3CX VoIP softphone.

3CX VoIP Softphone

Not only does the VoIP Softphone look good, it looks very much like an iPhone on your desktop, but it also produces a high quality sound and is very simple to use.  One of the really nice things about the 3CX VoIP softphone is that it supports multiple SIP accounts, you can select which account (and associated number) you call out on when you make your call. I haven’t seen support for multiple VoIP accounts in a free VoIP Softphone before, so was very impressed to find this as its something I have only seen in chargeable Softphones previously.

Support for Multiple SIP Accounts

Incoming Call on VoIP SoftphoneIf you have 3 different accounts, for example, they can all be configured on the same VoIP Softphone and you can see who the call is from. At that point you can choose to answer the call, reject the call or send it to VoiceMail. You can even configure the phone to auto-answer, not something I would recommend though.

The 3CX VoIP Softphone is really simple to install, configure and get working. Below are the configuration settings to get it working with your Voiplicity account, but the process would be identical for almost any VoIP provider.

Configuring your VoIP Softphone for Voiplicity

3CX Softphone Account setting for VoiplicityTo get your 3CX VoIP Softphone configured for your Voiplicity account is a very simple process. Although there are a lot of options most of them are not required for a Voiplicity connection.

Account Settings

Account name: This is your name for the account, it is for reference only and appears in the Top Right corner of the Softphone screen so that you can differentiate between the configured accounts.

Caller ID: Enter your full Voiplicity phone number

Extension: Enter your full Voiplicity phone number

ID: Enter your full Voiplicity phone number

Password: Enter the SIP Password for your phone number. N.B. Make sure that you enter the SIP Password and not your Commportal Password

My Location: Select the ‘I am out of the Office’ option and set this to sip.voiplicity.co.uk

That’s it, there is nothing else that you need to configure. Although there are lots of other options,including the advanced set, that you can play with there is no need to change anything other than the 6 settings above. It really is that easy to get your Voiplicity account working.

I have been really impressed with how easy the PC version of the VoIP Softphone is to configure for Voiplicity and also how easy it is to use. I am looking forward to testing their VoIP Softphone on some of the other platforms that they support.

VoIP Softphone support for other platforms

3CX also provide Free VoIP Softphones for mobile phones, including the Android Platform and the iPhone. I haven’t tried either these as yet but plan the to test the Android version of the VoIP Softphone fairly soon, to see if I can answer the office phone when I am away without the expense of having to divert the call to my mobile number.

Voip Softphone for Android

A quick update on the Android front, the 3CX softphone for Android doesn’t appear to work with Voiplicity, I just can’t get it to register. However SipDroid loads and works perfectly, over wireless at least. I will be doing some more in-depth testing, of different VoIP Softphones for Android and Voiplicity, over the coming weeks and will write a seperate blog article about using VoIP Softphones on Android based mobile devices.

Next Steps for using a VoIP Softphone with Voiplicity

Click to call me
If you are looking for a hosted VoIP solution then take a look at the  Voiplicity Hosted VoIP account that I use as its a very cost effective way of providing a business grade VoIP phone system. Not only does it provide a very flexible solution but it also supports VoIP Softphone on multiple platforms.

Ccleaner from Piriform Get back Disk SpaceGet Back Disk Space using CCleaner

If you are running low on disk space on your computer but don’t know where to start looking then take a look at CCleaner from Piriform software. Ccleaner will help you get back disk space by performing an analysis of the common areas that take up space, but are normally hidden. As well as tidying up the files and helping to get back disk space Ccleaner can also help to tidy up the Registry on your computer to get rid of old unused Registry entries.

How does Ccleaner help get back disk space?

Ccleaner - Get Back Disk SpaceCcleaner has been around since 2004 and is a market leader in removing unwanted stuff from PC’s.

Ccleaner does this by analysing the hidden spaces of your computer and finding all the unwanted, space hogging, files and components.

The types of thing that Ccleaner roots out and offers to clean up to get back disk space inlcude:-

Internet Explorer – Temporary Files, history, cookies (optional), Autocomplete history and index.dat files

Firefox – Temporary Files, history, cookies (optional), download history and from history

Google Chrome – Temporary Files, history, cookies (optional), download history and form history

Opera – Temporary Files, history, cookies (optional)

Safari – Temporary Files, history, cookies (optional), form history

Windows – Recycle bin, Recent Documents, Temporary Files, Log Files and Memory dumps

So you can see that Ccleaner looks in lots of different places and works with most of the standard applications that people will have installed on their computer. Most of these files are in hidden, or obscure, locations where people are unlikely to look.  Even if you knew where to look for the files would you know which files you can safely delete? I am not sure that I would, so for me Ccleaner is a great option as I can get rid of the rubbish without having to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do.

Before you Start

Before you start using Ccleaner you should really carry out a full backup of your computer. That way if you make any mistakes and accidentally delete something that you later find that you need you will be able to restore it.

How do I get back Disk Space?

Once you have downloaded Ccleaner from Piriform run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Ccleaner fully supports both 32bit and 64bit environments.

Get Back Disk Space with Ccleaner

Using Ccleaner to get back Disk Space

When you run Ccleaner initially you should do it in Analysis mode. In this mode it just looks at your computer and tells you what how much space the different files and applications are taking up.

In my case you can see that  Analysis Mode shows that I can reclaim over  1.7 GB of disk space. I hadn’t realised that temporary files and general rubbish could claim so much of my valuable disk space and  that I could get back disk space so easily.

So the short analysis is the first thing that you should do to see what is filling up your disk. However you shouldn’t be over zealous and tick all of the boxes, as that can remove information that is still valuable to you. On most systems you probably don’t want to remove Cookies, otherwise all of the stored account details that you use to login to websites etc. will disappear.

The default values, which are pre-set when you install the product, are a very good balance between cleaning up rubbish from your computer and keeping valuable information. In most cases you will not need to make any changes to these selected values.

The default values for Windows are:-

Ccleaner Analysis CompleteInternet Explorer

  • Temporary Files
  • Cookies
  • History
  • Recently Typed URLs
  • Index.dat files
  • Last Download Location
  • Autocomplete Form History

Windows Explorer

  • Recent Documents
  • Run (in Start Menu)
  • Other Explorer MRUs
  • Thumbnail Cache


  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Temporary Files
  • Clipboard
  • Memory Dumps
  • Chkdsk File Fragments
  • Windows Logfiles
  • Windows Error Reporting
  • DNS Cache
  • FTP Accounts
  • Start Menu Shortcuts
  • Desktop Shortcuts


  • Old Prefetch data
  • Menu Order Cache
  • Tray Notification Cache
  • Window Size/Location Cache
  • User Assist History
  • IIS Log Files
  • Custom Files and Folders
  • Wipe Free Space

Run Cleaner button and get back disk space.

What should I do Once I get Back Disk Space?

Disk Defrag

Once you have used Ccleaner and claimed back all of your disk space you should then run a disk defrag. The defrag will reorganise the free space into contiguous free space, which will optimise it for speedy access.


Now you have a clean and optimised disk you should take a new full backup of your system.

The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

Author: Eric Groves

ISBN: 0470503416

The Constant Contact Guide to email Marketing: What Every Organization Can Learn From the World's Leading Email Marketing CompanyIf you run a small or medium size business then you will be engaged in some form of marketing. Email Marketing is one of the most common forms of marketing, as generally it is low cost and simple to do. There are loads of companies who offer email marketing services, Constant Contact is one of the major players, along with Awebber and Vertical Response.

Whilst this book is targeted at users of Constant Contact it contains a lot of useful information that is applicable to any of the common email marketing platforms. Eric Groves has done a great job of providing a invaluable guide to the art of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Eric Groves and Constant Contact show you how to create high-impact, low-cost email campaigns

Email marketing is an incredibly cost effective way to establish and build relationships that drive business success. But, it can also be a challenge because the inbox is a hostile environment. Whether your email is noteworthy or an annoying waste of your customer’s time depends on your ability to stick to stick the fundamentals of good marketing and authentic relationship building.

The ‘Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing’ presents best practices and relationship-building principles from America’s leading email marketing firm. With over 280,000 small business and non-profit clients, Constant Contact is constantly testing and learning what works and what doesn’t, and it’s all here. There’s no other email guide on the market that provides this level of comprehensive, practical guidance. Whether you’re starting your own small business or need to grow on a shoestring budget, this book will get you up to speed fast.

The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing will demonstrate:

  • Ten email pitfalls that will get your business into trouble
  • Ten things your customers expect you to do
  • The “soft” benefits of email marketing
  • The benefits of using email marketing in combination with other marketing efforts
  • How four types of permissions can make or break your strategy
  • How to build email lists that are valuable and effective
  • How to Create valuable content
  • The benefits of choosing an effective, professional email format
  • How to ensure your emails are delivered, opened, and read

With The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing, you’ll learn to avoid the common mistakes of email marketing, give your customers content they love, and combine an effective email marketing strategy with your traditional marketing efforts giving you way more bang for your marketing buck.

What is in The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

The book is laid out in 14 chapters that show you how to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1 The 40 “Know It or Blow It” Rules of Email Marketing
  • Chapter 2 The Power of Email Relationships
  • Chapter 3 Making Money: The Economics of Email
  • Chapter 4 The Benefits of Permission-Based Email Marketing
  • Chapter 5 Building a Quality Email List
  • Chapter 6 Making Your Email List More Valuable
  • Chapter 7 The Three Rules of Valuable Email Content
  • Chapter 8 Creating Email Content That Leads to Action
  • Chapter 9 Looking Professional: Choosing an Effective Email Format
  • Chapter 10 Making Introductions: Subject Lines, From Lines, and Frequency
  • Chapter 11 Email Filters and Other Delivery Challenges
  • Chapter 12 Tracking and Improving Email Campaigns
  • Chapter 13 Collecting More Feedback with Surveys
  • Chapter 14 Getting Beyond the Inbox
  • About the Author
  • About Constant Contact
  • Index

The Constant Contact Guide to email Marketing: What Every Organization Can Learn From the World's Leading Email Marketing CompanyThis book is full of powerful knowledge which show you how to improve your email campaigns and make sure that you don’t fall foul of privacy and spam regulations.

You can order the Paper copy of the book or download the Kindle Edition direct from Amazon by clicking on the book cover to your left.

I hope that you enjoyed our review of ‘The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing’

Get Your Copy of The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

Have you ever wondered ‘Is my Website Effective?’

The Website Grade for www.computerspot.co.uk!

Having spent a lot of time and money on your website you probably look at the Google Analytics and think, ‘Is my Website Effective’? What do I need to do in order to make it more effective and to get more traffic. There are lots of people who do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) who will tell you that they can get you to the top of Google.

The other week I came across Website Grader which gives your website a grade, between 0 and 100, to tell you how effective it is. The icon the the left shows the current grade, or effectiveness, of www.ComputerSpot.co.uk – it was 80% effective when I first came across WebsiteGrader. So you can see that by using the information in the Grader Report I have been able to improve the grade of ComputerSpot in a few short weeks and have helped to make my website effective.

Click on the Grade Icon and you can see the latest full report for ComputerSpot.

Is My Website Effective?

At the moment it is OK, it generates some traffic and it does what I wanted it to do, or so I thought. Now I have seen WebsiteGrader it has given me a lot of ideas of simple things that I can do to improve the effectiveness of the site and get more traffic.

At the moment I probably score round about  B-, OK but could improve if he put in some effort. (Sounds very much like my old school reports) So we know that I can do more to make my website effective and generate more traffic, the question is where to start.

How Does WebsiteGrader work?

The people at HubSpot, who run WebsiteGrader, say:

The website www.computerspot.co.uk ranks 514,158 of the 2,971,275 websites that have been ranked so far.

A website grade of 83/100 for www.computerspot.co.uk means that of the millions of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 83% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data , website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others.

So there are things that I can do to make my website effective. The good news is that WebsiteGrader shows you how well you are doing on the different scores that your site has for the 50 different checks that combine to grade the effectiveness of your site.

What do I need to do to make my website effective?

First thing  that you need is good content on your website. You can make your website more effective by including an active Blog, some of the items that add up in the grade of your site include:

  • The number of pages that Google has indexed
  • The Grade of the Blog, this gets run as part of the WebsiteGrader – Yes there is a BlogGrader
  • The frequency of Posts on the site
  • How easy the blog is to read – the simpler the content the better in this case
  • The number of back-links to your posts

Optimise to make my website effective

You still need to use traditional ‘On Page’ Search Engine Optimisation to make sure that when Google finds your web pages it find something that it likes. So that is the stuff that the SEO consultants will keep talking about. This includes getting the Meta data right, using the right keywords and phrases, etc.  All of these techniques will help me to make my website effective in attracting traffic.

If you are using WordPress for your website then plug-ins like SEOPressor and All in One SEO Pack will help you to improve your ‘On Page’ Search Engine Optimisation.

Domain Information to help make my website effective

Where your site is hosted, how long the site has existed and how long your before the domain is due for renewal all impact your website Grade. There isnt much that you can do about how old your domain is, but you can increase the time before your domain registration is due to expire. I hadn’t thought about either of these helping to make my website effective, but they all help.

Backlinks make my website effective

The other traditional item that helps me make my website effective is backlinks. Backlinks are simply links from other peoples websites back to your website. Historically Google used to just count the number of links pointing to your site, now they are much more clever about the use of Backlinks. This takes into account things like:-

  • The ranking of the site that is supplying the Backlinks
  • The domain type that is providing the Backlinks

Social Media helps make my website effective

If you have an active Twitter account that helps improve your website grade. Yes there is a Twitter Grader and this is one area where I need to do more work to improve and make my website effective. So why not go ahead and help by following ComputerSpot on Twitter

Traffic makes my website effective

This one is the obvious thing that will help me make my website effective. The more effective the website the more people will visit it and then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. However people will only come back and visit your website again if you keep posting interesting material and keep informing them about the new articles that you have posted, using Twitter, email etc. So just writing good content is not enough to make my website effective, I need to make sure that its found and that people read what has been written.

Human Activity makes my website effective

The way that a webmaster or blogger can quickly and easily see that their blog is a success to by the comments the site receives. Google likes to see activity on a site, so go ahead and leave a comment at the base of this post.

Leaving comments on a site also helps your site, as what you are doing as part of your comment is creating a Backlink to your website.  So when you leave comments on a site you are helping 3 sets of people:-

  1. The visitors to the site – as they get to read your comments
  2. The owner of the site – as they get the activity and benefit from your comments
  3. Yourself – as your website now has another Backlink to it and Backlinks are a good thing

So when you visit a site and read an article go ahead and leave a comment and help everyone, including yourself.

So is my Website Effective?

You can see that WebsiteGrader will help you to see where your site is falling down and what you need to do in order to improve your site. Take a look at WebsiteGrader and enter your website details and see if you can get benefit from the Free Report.

If after looking at the report you know that your website needs some optimisation and traffic generating work then I suggest that you talk to my friend Raglan Tribe over at Clockwork Sales. After all WebsiteGrader just shows you how good a job you have done, it won’t necessarily tell you how to fix everything. You still need a good SEO consultant and Internet marketeer to do that.

Whilst all of the above are important the key thing that I can do to make my website effective is to provide regular good content, so that you keep coming back.