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Would you like to quickly create video presentations in minutes, without the need for expensive software?

Auto Video CreatorWith Auto Video Creator you can quickly create a video presentation, for your website or the tradeshow you are attending. You don’t even have to talk, as Auto Video Creator will convert your text into speech and do the talking for you.

There are just so many different ways that you can use this software to create video presentations for your website.

Talking Datasheet

You can turn a flat product datasheet into a lively talking video presentation in just a couple of minutes. How much more powerful is that for your prospects than just a datasheet!

Software not a Subscription

This offer is for Software, its not a monthly subscription like some services. You will be amazed at what you get for such a low price and you own the videos that you create forever and they don’t have any branding.

Watch the Auto Video Creator video, download your copy today and start creating your own video presentations.

Is email marketing dead?

Why not send Direct Mail Postcards straight from your PC, similar to running an email campaign but you send your information of a beautifully designed postcard instead.

Take a quick look at the video below and see how you could start sending out your own Direct Mail Postcards, without the need to stick stamps on. It costs less then you think and may even be less than the price of buying the stamps from the Post Office.

If you don’t like watching Videos then just follow the link and you can walk through the instructions to create your own Direct Mail Postcard.

Send Direct Mail Postcards Today

You can sign up for a FREE account today and you only ever pay for any Postcards or letters that you send using the service. Even better you get £1.00 of FREE credit to test the service at not risk – send yourself a postcard to see how it works.

If Direct Mail Postcards are not for you then you can use the optional Print Driver to send your letters and Invoices in the post without having to leave your desk.

Sparkol Videoscribe lets you create your own Hand Drawn Video for your website.

You can use your hand drawn Video on your website, or post it to YouTube. You don’t need to be able to draw to use it to create your own hand drawn video, you just need a good idea and a bit of imagination.

Hand drawn Video is a great attention grabber on your website, take quick look at the one below as an example.

You can use your own images,or import them from the web. If you want to use your own hand, or a custom pen, in the video you can import photos of your hand. You can even get  Sparkol Videoscribe to draw your logo for you and use that as part of your hand drawn video.

Get your free 7 day trial of Sparkol Videoscribe and you can create your own hand drawn video today. It works on PC’s, Mac, Android and iPad

You have just started a new Consulting Business, you are brilliant at what you do, the only thing missing is the Client Meeting to close the business.

You need to market your business and get your expertise in-front of the key decision makes at your target business. The question is how can you get that initial Client Meeting.

ConsultingIncome: Get A Client Meeting Now!

How to get a Client Meeting Today

We all hate cold calling, but the only way to get the consulting contract and show off your considerable skills is to get in front of a client. You know that whenever you get in-front of the right person you win the business.

So how do you get past the receptionist and talk to the right person?

You probably already have the means to get that Client Meeting, you just don’t realise it yet.

Consulting Income provides a set of Free Videos that shows you how to get in front of the right people without the need to go through the pain of cold calling.

Get a Client Meeting with a local CEO

Is there a business locally that you know would benefit from your expertise?

You know the business so how do you get that Client Meeting with the CEO of the business that is going to land you the Consulting Contract that you want with your target business?

The answer to your Client Meeting dilemma is lies within the Free set of instructions available on Consulting Income.

How do I get the Client Meeting?

In the videos Raglan Tribe, a highly successful UK consultant, will explain how he used the techniques to obtain client meetings which ultimately earned him Millions of Pounds of consulting contracts.

If you want to take your consulting business to the next level I highly recommend these Free videos and the techniques to get a new Client Meeting today.


Tad from VM Limited Virtualisation

Even if you have no interest in Virtualisation or Cloud Technology take a look at the video. It shows that Microsoft have a sense of humour when trying to get across their message around the cloud.

If you know nothing about Cloud Computing this is a great, tongue in cheek, introduction to the topic. Find out all about Tad and VM Limited.

Its a great video and congratulations must go to the Microsoft Marketing department. You can find out more about the Microsoft Cloud and Virtualisation strategy by going to the Microsoft Website.

Web Chemistry – how to secure High Value Clients online for your services

If your business has a website and you want to do more business on-line then you need to work out how to secure high value clients for your services. Web Chemistry will help you to discover how to build strong relationships and position your expertise online to secure high value clients, even while you sleep.

One Day Workshop: Wednesday 8th June 2011

Langstone Technology Park, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1SA

Introductory Video – Discover how to secure High Value Clients online

To get a feel for the content of the Web Chemistry seminar take a look at the short introductory video which discusses some of the techniques that will be introduced at the event. This will include how to:-

  • Attract targeted web traffic
  • Turn visitors into buyers
  • Build credibility
  • Connect with your visitors
  • Attain high fees for your services

Sign up for Web Chemistry

View the full agenda and Sign up for Web Chemistry at the Langstone Technology Park in Havant, Hampshire on June 8th. There are still  few Early Bird tickets available until the 25th May, so take advantage of this offer and you can discover how to secure high value clients for your on-line services business.

SmartStamp – The Problem

The current Release of SmartStamp, from the Royal Mail,  version will not work correctly if you have IE9 installed on your computer. What happens is that the Postage Rate updates will not download.

When you go to print SmartStamp:

  • Checks that the postage rate used matches the current latest update.
  • If SmartStamp finds that there is a later version of the Postage rates it will attempt to to download them.
  • If SmartStamp is unable to download the updates it will not allow you to print any stamps.

SmartStamp is able to correctly access the account details and the account balance, it is just unable to download the postage updates.

SmartStamp Workaround

At the moment the only ‘workaround’ is to stay with EI8.

If you have already upgraded your SmartStamp PC to use IE9 the simplest thing to do is to install a copy of Smart Stamp on another PC which hasn’t yet been upgraded to IE9. You can have multiple copies of SmartStamp all using the same account, as the postal balance is checked every time you print.

Once I have tested any updates from Royal Mail I will post the results. However when I spoke with them today they were unable to say when SmartStamp will support IE9.

What Website Information is required for UK companies?

Website Information - Legal ComplianceIf your business is a private or public limited company or a Limited Liability Partnership, the Companies Act 1985 requires that the following website information is displayed in legible characters:

  • Your company registration number
  • Your place of registration (e.g. Scotland or England & Wales)
  • Your registered office address

Failure to comply with these requirements puts your company at risk of a fine. These duties were clarified on 1 January 2007, as a result of an amendment that was made to the Companies Act to comply with a European Directive.

VAT Registration

If you sell from your website and charge VAT you also need to display your VAT Registration number on your website. Typically the VAT Number is displayed along with the contact information and on any invoice.

Where do I need to include the Website Information?

The legislation does not state where on your website the information needs to be displayed, just that it must be ‘…. displayed in legible characters.’

Some sites include the required Website Information in the footer of every page, others will display it in the About or Contact Us sections of the site. The choice of location is up to you, its just needs to be easy for visitors to find the required Website Information.

What should I do if the Website Information is missing?

If the website is a personal Blog and isn’t run by a company there is no requirement for the owner to provide any contact Website Information on the site.

If however you are buying direct from a website you want to be sure that you know who you are dealing with and that they are happy to provide contact details. For UK companies you can always go to the Companies House website and check the Company Registration Number, provided as part of the Website Information, matches the company name and registered office address.

You should now know what the UK legal requirements are for Website Information and how to check it.

Download our Business Email Checklist

Using the Website Analytics for ComputerSpot we noticed that the top 2 items people were looking at related to email and compliance, so we decided to create a summary Business Email Checklist to bring all of the important items together in one place.

Using the Posts that we have on email and email signatures we have put together a simple Business Email Checklist, which highlights the areas which have attracted the most attention and traffic.

What is in the Business Email Checklist?

The Business Email Checklist contains advice and guidance around:-

  • UK Legal Requirements for email signatures
  • Email Archive
  • Email Branding
  • Disclaimers
  • Protecting your business from Spam and Viruses

The Business Email Checklist is a 1 page advice and guidance document, aimed at providing the important information, without being too complex . We will be creating a more in-depth Email Survival Toolkit over the comming months, which will be available from the ComputerSpot website. If you sign-up for the Business Email Checklist then you will be notified when the Email Survival Toolkit is available.

How can I get the Business Email Checklist?

To get hold of our simple, one page, Business Email Checklist just complete the sign-up form below and you will have direct download access to the PDF checklist.
Business Email Checklist

We hope that you enjoy the Business Email Checklist

What do I need to update for the VAT Rate Change?

Apart from the obvious thing of making sure that your VAT rate is correct in your accounting package, changing from 17.5% to 20% as from 4th January 2010. There are several other items that you will need to check and may need to update. These might include items like:

  • Quote Generation Software
    • Spreadsheets
    • Packages like QuoteWerks
  • Template documents
    • Quote Templates – Make sure the wording matches the calculations
    • Proposal Templates
  • Terms and Conditions, if you have quoted VAT Rates in these.
  • Prices on your website
  • Email Auto-Responders
  • Datasheets and Flyers

Where you need to update the VAT Rate Change

VAT Rate Change and Invoices

Make sure that your accounts package has been updated to have a VAT rate of 20%.

VAT Rate Change and Quotes

Whatever software you use to create quotes needs to have the calculations updated to use 20%, rather than 17.5%. You also need to make sure that this is done for all of the profiles that exist so that all of your sales people are usingh the correct VAT rates.

Check the templates that your use for quotes, even though the actual calculation may be correct you also need to make sure that any wording on the template also states that VAT is 20%

VAT Rate Change and Terms & Conditions

Hopefully your T’s & C’s don’t actually have VAT or Tax rates in them, they should just have wording similar to:-

VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate

But if you are not sure you should check your Terms and Conditions to see if they need updating.

VAT Rate Change and your Website

If your Website has prices on it, even if its not an e-commerce site, then you need to make sure that the prices and graphics have been updated to reflect the VAT rate changes.

If you run an e-commerce site make sure that you have also updated the VAT rates within your e-commerce platform.

VAT Rate Change and Datasheets & Pricelists

If you issue datasheets with prices on or you issue price lists to your Partners then you need to make sure that these have been updated and re-issued to your Partners.

The final thing that you need to check is that any invoices that you receive, at least for the next couple of weeks, have the correct VAT Rate Change on them.