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Do you want Click to Dial from your Capsule CRM system?

If you already use Capsule CRM and have a VoIP phone system then it is just a simple 4 step process to link the 2 together so that you can Click to Dial your Capsule Contacts and Companies direct from Capsule CRM.

If you are like me and end up transposing numbers in the short distance between screen and phone then this could be just what you are looking for. Follow the instructions and never miss-dial a phone number again.

Bria Softphone for VoIPJust follow the simple instructions over at the SystemAssure site and you could be using your stored phone numbers to dial direct from Capsule CRM.

Nothing else to buy, even if you don’t have a SoftPhone there are Free SoftPhones for Windows that work with these instructions.

The instructions will work for any VoIP phone system that works with the Free 3CX softphone, or the premium Bria 3 Softphone.

Don’t Use Capsule CRM?

Whilst the instructions have been written for Capsule CRM the process will work just as well with any other web based CRM system that allows you to create additional fields. All you will need to do is to find the equivalent data generated fields in your CRM system and you should be able to get the instructions working for your system.

If you don’t currently use a CRM system in your business then I recommend that you take a look at Capsule CRM as for the price there is nothing to beat it.


CamCard Business Card Scanner

CamCard lets Android and iPhone users create Contacts by just taking a photo of a Business Card, it really is that simple. The software is available as a Free Download for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Why a Business Card Scanner?

If, like me, you live out of Outlook then the first thing that I do when I get handed a business card  is to add the contact details into Outlook. From there it synchronises with my mobile phone and also with our Office VoIP phone system, so no matter where I am I have all the details to hand when I am talking to someone. Now I don’t even need to take a Business Card from someone, I just need to take a photo of it and let CamCard do the rest.

How to get the CamCard Business Card Scanner for your Android Phone

You can download the Free or Paid for versions of the Android App from the Android Market, just search for CamCard. The Free version of the Business Card Scanner lets you convert 10 cards in the first week of installing the App and then an additional 2 Business Cards a week after that. To unlock it to allow the creation of unlimited cards requires a small payment of about £4.00.
CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

There is also a version of the CamCard Business Card Scanner for the iPhone, which has additional functionality over and above that provided in the Android version of the App.  CamCard supports 12 languages and works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. You can download the CamCard Business Card Scanner from the iPhone AppStore.

You can find out more about this great Free Business Card Scanner App on their website at www.intsig.com

KashFlow - Online Accounts

KashFlow Online Accounts

Accounting Software For Small & Medium Size Businesses

KashFlow is an incredibly easy to understand accounting system for UK small businesses. No accounting knowledge required, the  free trial really is free – no credit card needed.

With KashFlow accounting software you can save time, be better organised and have a better insight into your financial position by using KashFlow Online Accounting. The software has been built with the small business in mind. KashFlow know that you want to spend your time on what you do, not struggling with complicated software trying to understand how it works.

KashFlow Online accounting software gives you everything you need; from Invoicing to cashflow management to VAT reports and everything else you need at your fingertips to keep your business running smoothly and you focused on doing what you do best – running your business.

KashFlow Online Accounts – Features

The KashFlow Online Accounts services includes all the features that you would expect from traditional Accounting software packages. These includes:-

  • Invoicing
    • Automated& Reoccurring Invoices
    • Pay Online button for Paypal Payments
    • Multi-Currency
  • Quotes & Estimates
    • Customise text and branding
    • Email Quotes direct from KashFlow
    • Convert Quotes to Invoices
  • Purchasing
    • Product Lists
  • Credit Control
    • Automated Reminders for overdue invoices
  • Reporting
  • Banking
  • Customers & Suppliers

KashFlow Integration

KashFlow Online Accounts integrates with Hosted CRM  solutions like Capsule CRM, to provide you with a complete integrated Sales Management Solution. Typically you use a CRM product to manage your sales pipeline and once an opportunity becomes a sale the customer and sale information is automatically copied from the CRM into your accounts within KashFlow for invoicing.

Start Using KashFlow Online Accounts

KashFlow is an easy to use accounting programme designed especially for entrepreneurs and small/medium size businesses. It allows businesses to create and manage sales invoices and purchase receipts easily. No accounting knowledge is required and is accessible anywhere in the world via an online connection.

KashFlow are so proud about their software they offer a free 60 day trial to all users, no obligation to buy what so ever!

After the 60 day trial is over you will receive a £1 a month discount bringing the monthly subscription down to just £14.99. The normal price is £15.99 a month, that’s £12 a year saving! With a KashFlow Trial there is no obligation to pay what so ever and you are able to cancel at any time.

What more can you ask for, start using Kashflow Online Accounts today!

Capsule CRM add Mobile Support

Capsule CRMCapsule CRM have added Mobile support to their hugely successfully Cloud CRM Application.  If you already use Capsule CRM you can start using the Capsule CRM mobile application today.

Mobile Support with Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM Mobile supports the following mobile phones.

  • iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
  • Android phones running Android 2.1+ such as Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy S
  • BlackBerry phones running BlackBerry OS 6 such as BlackBerry Bold and Torch

I am happily running Capsule CRM Mobile on my HTC Desire Z. It seems to work just fine, and the ability to call a contact by just clicking on the number is superb. If you have the customer address it will look up the location on Goggle Maps,another great edition.

How to Get Capsule CRM Mobile

Enter the the following URL into the browser on your phone to install Capsule Mobile:

Be sure to replace the [your-account] bit with the relevant part from your Capsule account URL. You’ll be prompted to enter your username and password and a pop-up message will ask your permission to allow additional storage space to be used on your phone. It may take several minutes for your contacts to be downloaded to your phone.

More about Capsule CRM

If you haven’t already tried Capsule CRM you can set up a trial in  just minutes. Just go to www.capsulecrm.com and sign up for a Free Trial. Unless you are a very small business its best to sign up for the Free 30 day Trial rather than the Free Account, as the 250 contacts in the Free account quickly disappear.

The Free Trial of the Professional edition supports unlimited users and 50,000 contacts, once your 30 day Free trial is up Capsule CRM costs just £8.00 a month per user

With Contact Manager, Accounts, Sales Pipeline, Opportunities and Task work-flows catered for Capsule is the ideal Small Business CRM.

Capsule CRM  has integration into several other cloud services, these include:

Capsule CRM allows you to integrate with Outlook other email services and also lets you put Web-to-Lead forms on your website, so you can capture sales opportunities direct into Capsule CRM.

We plan detailed articles about using Capsule CRM in future Posts. So do your business a favour and start using Cloud Based Sales automation with Capsule CRM today.

Advantages of VoIP for BusinessIs VoIP the right way to go for a new business?

If you are starting a new business venture should you use VoIP for business phone calls? All businesses need to be able to make and receive calls, so if you run a business then you are going to have some form of phone system. When you start a small business venture you are going to need a phone number. At this point you have a couple of options as to what you are going to do, these include:-

  1. Get a new analogue phone line for your business
  2. Buy a mini-PBX and get an ISDN2 line
  3. Use your home phone to start with
  4. Use your Mobile phone
  5. Use a Hosted VoIP for Business provider

All of the options above will work, to one extent or another, but you need to consider your plans for your business in order to decide if VoIP for Business is the way to go for your new business venture.

The reasons for using VoIP for Business Telephony

Where are you going to work from?

If you are just starting a new business, unless you are lucky enough to have some financial backing, then you are probably going to start by running your business from home, to keep the overheads down.

VoIP for Business for the Home Worker

In this case its unlikely that you are going to want to get an additional line at home, neither do you really want to advertise your home phone number as part of your business material. If you already have an ADSL line at home then you can use VoIP for Business, with very little additional costs. The benefit here is that you now have a separate phone number for your business that will move with you as you out grow the home office.

VoIP for Business for an Office Worker

As your small business expands and you move into an office, or use a serviced office,  you can quickly expand by adding additional phones. You still have the same central ‘Office’ number but now can have hunt groups, auto-attendants, departmental numbers and Direct dials. The system continues to grow with your business, you just add phone when you need them.

VoIP for Business for Multi Office Companies

If you have multiple offices the a hosted VoIP for Business solution is an ideal and cost effective option for you. All of the calls between your offices will be Free, assuming that you have chosen the right VoIP for Business provider.  You can have hunt groups across the locations, so if everyone in one office is busy the calls can be answered where there is spare capacity.

If you have home workers the a good VoIP for Business solution is essential, as this will allow your home workers to be part of the office phone system. Allowing them to make and receive calls at home, but appear to be in the office as far as everyone is concerned.

Advantages of Hosted VoIP for Business

There are many advantages of using a hosted VoIP for Business solution, these include:-

  • Number Portability – As your business expands and you outgrow the home office you will start looking for office space. With a hosted VoIP for Business solution you dont need to change your number , or let anyone know that you are moving. Just pick up your VoIP for Business, IP phone, and plug it in to your new ADSL line in the office, its that simple.
  • Unlimited Expansion – As the business grows you can just add additional VoIP for Business phones, you don’t have to worry about outgrowing your PBX.
  • No Major Capital investment – You don’t have to invest in a PBX, the hosted VoIP for Business provider have already done that for you.
  • Free Calls – All calls between your phones, not matter where they are located, are free. With most VoIP for Business suppliers calls between all subscribers of the same service are also free of charge.
  • Low Cost Calls – Most VoIP for Business suppliers provide highly competitive call charges for local, national and international calls.
  • Online upgrades – As your Hosted VoIP for Business solution is a cloud computing service you benefit from new features and functions as the service provider upgrades their infrastructure.
  • Integration – Most Hosted VoIP for Business solutions provide excellent integration with Web applications, Outlook and CRM systems. So you can easily dial your contacts direct from applications like your CRM, or Support, system. You can also see who is calling before you answer the phone, if you have you contacts synchronised.

VoIP for Business is the best phone system for small business

Overall VoIP for Business is the ideal solution for almost any type of business, but especially for a small or medium sized business or sole trader. The call quality is superb these days and it offers a very cost effective and high quality solution, without the need to tie up capital. If you have selected a business grade solution there is every reason to use VoIP for Business.

Who should I use for my VoIP for Business supplier?

In the UK we can provide one of the most cost effective VoIP for business solutions. To find out more about VoIP for Business in the UK contact SystemAssure and we can show you Voiplicity in action.