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CamCard Business Card Scanner

CamCard lets Android and iPhone users create Contacts by just taking a photo of a Business Card, it really is that simple. The software is available as a Free Download for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Why a Business Card Scanner?

If, like me, you live out of Outlook then the first thing that I do when I get handed a business card  is to add the contact details into Outlook. From there it synchronises with my mobile phone and also with our Office VoIP phone system, so no matter where I am I have all the details to hand when I am talking to someone. Now I don’t even need to take a Business Card from someone, I just need to take a photo of it and let CamCard do the rest.

How to get the CamCard Business Card Scanner for your Android Phone

You can download the Free or Paid for versions of the Android App from the Android Market, just search for CamCard. The Free version of the Business Card Scanner lets you convert 10 cards in the first week of installing the App and then an additional 2 Business Cards a week after that. To unlock it to allow the creation of unlimited cards requires a small payment of about £4.00.
CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

CamCard Business Card Scanner for iPhone

There is also a version of the CamCard Business Card Scanner for the iPhone, which has additional functionality over and above that provided in the Android version of the App.  CamCard supports 12 languages and works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. You can download the CamCard Business Card Scanner from the iPhone AppStore.

You can find out more about this great Free Business Card Scanner App on their website at www.intsig.com

Android Gingerbread Ships for Desire Z on Vodafone

The latest update for the HTC Desire Z is now available, for Vodafone customers at least. This update installs Android 2.3 (Also known as Android Gingerbread).

I have downloaded and installed it on my HTC Desire Z this evening.

Check for Android Gingerbread

You can check to see if your Provider has released Android 2.3 by going to:

Menu > Settings > About Phone and then selecting Software Updates and pressing the Check Now button.

You will be notified if the update is available for your phone.

The download and update process took about 10 minutes in total, from beginning to end.

What’s different

You end up with Android 2.3.3 and HTC Sense 2.1

I was hoping that the email client would be updated to support HTML mail on Exchange 2003, but Google still don’t want to fix this problem, so it remains Text only email for SBS 2003 and Exchange 2003 Customers. Exchange 2007 and above seems to to have HTML email support on the HTC.

The phone feels bit faster, but its very early days yet to know if the battery life is going to be any better.

Overall it doesn’t seem to be a major update, but I am sure that I will find out more about Android Gingerbread over the next few days as I spend more time with it.

1 week on with Android Gingerbread

Well I have had Android 2.3 on my HTC Desire Z for a week now and in general I have been very pleased with the update.

  • Battery life seems to have improved slightly
  • The phone is generally more responsive
  • Wireless seems to hold weak signals better
I haven’t been able to test the SIP calling addition as yet, as I have problems getting the phone to register with my VoIP account.  Which is more to do with my VoIP account rather than the Gingerbread upgrade.

Combine the Advantages of Cloud Storage & the Speed of Local Storage

There are many different Cloud Storage products available today. Some are designed for a single PC and are very simple to use, but they don’t work well for teams of users who need to share files. At the other extreme you get Cloud Storage solutions which are designed, and priced, for large enterprise organisations. If you are in a typical SM business you still need the facilities of Cloud Storage, to provide the flexibility and Disaster Recovery needed to run a business but you don’t want the expense or complexity.

  • Does your Business need a cost effective Cloud Storage solution for the ever growing need for more disk space?
  • Are you put off Cloud Storage by the fear of slow speed?
  • Would you like to be able to share files with colleagues and across your different computing devices (PC, Android, iPad & Mac)?
  • Would you like to be able to quickly and simply email very large files to your customers without clogging up your mail server.
  • How about including Version control for Documents?
  • Don’t forget the need for secure backup
Up to now you would have needed several different products to achieve all of the above. You probably would have also to duplicate some of your files, which then leads to the problem of managing file versions and using more storage than you need.

Hybrid Cloud Storage from Egnyte is the Answer

Egnyte combines the best of the Cloud Storage world with all of the advantages of Local Storage, all managed through a single interface and integrated with your Active Directory to maintain Security Control. With this single product you get everything that you need for:-

  • Online Storage
  • Fast Local Access
  • File Sharing
  • FTP Access
  • Backup
  • Mobile Access
  • Email integration

See Egnyte Cloud Storage in Action

How much does Egnyte Cost?

This isn’t as expensive as it sounds, Egnyte is designed for the SME market, and is priced to work for the SME market as well as the Enterprise. The solution is sized for the 5 User, 10 User and 25 User businesses for Professionals and Small Companies.

Package Name

Included Power Users

Included Standard Users

Included Storage

Backup Licenses

Approx Monthly Cost *

Group 5 100 150Gb 10 £18.50
Office 10 200 1TB 20 £31.00
Company 25 500 1TB 50 £77.00
* Based on Exchange Rates and Prices July 2011

Get a 15 day evaluation of Hybrid Cloud Storage

Don’t wait, just start your Free 15 day trial of the Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Storage solution now.


Thrutu™ lets you share all kinds of information and media while you’re on a call — at the touch of a button, and without disrupting the conversation.

Thrutu has Apps for both Android and iPhone, so you can share information and play across the different platforms. You can even find out which of your friends has Thrutu and those who haven’t yet caught on. If they don’t have Thrutu you can send them an invitation to get a copy and join the rest of the Thru community.

Share location, photos, and more – without leaving the phone call.
Thrutu brings new fun and function to the phone call. Share location, contacts, photos and more – all at the touch of a button. It’s so simple that you’ll wonder why phone calls couldn’t always work this way.

Watch the Thrutu Video and find out how

Go to the Android Market and grab yourself a copy of Thrutu today.