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Create your own personal email signature

To help you generate your own personalised email signature for Outlook, or any other email client, we have put together a simple email form. The form will take the details that you provide and then generate four different email signature styles for you to try in your Outlook signature.

The signatures include the legally required information in the UK to comply with the Companies Act and ensure that your email signature is legally compliant. You can review the current UK legal requirements for email signatures in the attached post.

Simply provide the details requested below and we will email you a set of personalised email signatures for you to use. Complete the form below and we will email you a completed email signature.

Once you receive the emailed signatures just follow the instructions outlines in the article  adding an email signature in outlook and you will be able to start using them straight away.

email signature generator

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone Number

Your Job Title

Your Name Company Name

Company website address

Company Registration Number

Full Registered Office Address

To be kept updated with tips from ComputerSpot and to get your personalised email signatures sent direct to your inbox just click on the button.

You will receive your personalised email signature very soon, they will be sent to the email address that you give in the form above. If the email doesn’t appear in a few minutes check that the email hasn’t been caught in your Spam, or Junk Mail, Filter.

Don’t see the email signature that you are looking for?

If you would like a different format of email signature, or want other information added let us know though the comments form below and we will look to add it as another format for everyone.

If you like the email signature generator I suggest that you also download our complete Business email check list

Apologies to anyone who has had problems connecting to ComputerSpot over the recent weeks. We have experienced a few issues with the stability of the server that the hosting provider was using.

We have now moved ComputerSpot to a completely new Hosting provider and geographic location, so the stability issues should now be a thing of the past.

Download our Business Email Checklist

Using the Website Analytics for ComputerSpot we noticed that the top 2 items people were looking at related to email and compliance, so we decided to create a summary Business Email Checklist to bring all of the important items together in one place.

Using the Posts that we have on email and email signatures we have put together a simple Business Email Checklist, which highlights the areas which have attracted the most attention and traffic.

What is in the Business Email Checklist?

The Business Email Checklist contains advice and guidance around:-

  • UK Legal Requirements for email signatures
  • Email Archive
  • Email Branding
  • Disclaimers
  • Protecting your business from Spam and Viruses

The Business Email Checklist is a 1 page advice and guidance document, aimed at providing the important information, without being too complex . We will be creating a more in-depth Email Survival Toolkit over the comming months, which will be available from the ComputerSpot website. If you sign-up for the Business Email Checklist then you will be notified when the Email Survival Toolkit is available.

How can I get the Business Email Checklist?

To get hold of our simple, one page, Business Email Checklist just complete the sign-up form below and you will have direct download access to the PDF checklist.
Business Email Checklist

We hope that you enjoy the Business Email Checklist

Lookout provide Mobile Security for SmartPhonesLookout - Mobile Security for Smartphones

Smartphones are now a major part of our daily lives both for work and relaxation. We rely on them for email, testing, Social Networking, essential applications banking and shopping. For most of us our phones hold our entire lives, hold a lot of personal information, business contacts and access to business and social networks.

Why do we need Mobile Security?

As the use of our phones increases so does our vulnerability. That’s why its essential to protect our phones from threats of any kind; including mobile viruses, Trojans, worms, attempts to steal private data and the loss or theft of our phones.Every month Lookout blocks thousands of malicious applications, finds countless lost phones and restores important information that people though was lost forever.

Lookout – Mobile Security for Smartphones

Lookout provides both free and paid for versions of their Mobile Security applications, these cover:-

  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile

What does Lookout Mobile Security Provide?

Lookout Mobile Security provides the following functions:-

  • Security – from viruses and Trojans, like the Gemini Trojan (which is targeting Android phones)  which can:
    • Read and collect SMS Messages
    • Send and Delete SMS Messages
    • Extract Contact information and forward it to a remote server
    • Initiate Phone calls
    • Download files to your phone
  • Privacy Advisor – information about downloaded applications, regarding what data they have access to
  • Data Backup – if you loose your phone, or are issued with a new one, you can restore your contacts, photos and information with a simple mouse click.
  • Device Location – if you loose or misplace your phone, and who hasn’t had that moment of panic at least once. Then Lookout Mobile Security can:-
    • Locate your phone for you, it will even display the location on Google Maps
    • Make your phone Scream, so you can find it in a crowded office
    • Lock your phone, so no one can get at your data
    • Delete your Data – last resort, but it will make sure that no one else can get at your private information
  • Remote Control

I have been using Lookout Mobile Security on my Android powered HTC Desire Z for a while now and have been very impressed with both the functionality and its light footprint.

Lookout – Mobile Security is highly recomended for all users of Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Go to www.mylookout.com and you can download your Free copy of the Mobile Security application direct from Lookout.

What do I need to update for the VAT Rate Change?

Apart from the obvious thing of making sure that your VAT rate is correct in your accounting package, changing from 17.5% to 20% as from 4th January 2010. There are several other items that you will need to check and may need to update. These might include items like:

  • Quote Generation Software
    • Spreadsheets
    • Packages like QuoteWerks
  • Template documents
    • Quote Templates – Make sure the wording matches the calculations
    • Proposal Templates
  • Terms and Conditions, if you have quoted VAT Rates in these.
  • Prices on your website
  • Email Auto-Responders
  • Datasheets and Flyers

Where you need to update the VAT Rate Change

VAT Rate Change and Invoices

Make sure that your accounts package has been updated to have a VAT rate of 20%.

VAT Rate Change and Quotes

Whatever software you use to create quotes needs to have the calculations updated to use 20%, rather than 17.5%. You also need to make sure that this is done for all of the profiles that exist so that all of your sales people are usingh the correct VAT rates.

Check the templates that your use for quotes, even though the actual calculation may be correct you also need to make sure that any wording on the template also states that VAT is 20%

VAT Rate Change and Terms & Conditions

Hopefully your T’s & C’s don’t actually have VAT or Tax rates in them, they should just have wording similar to:-

VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate

But if you are not sure you should check your Terms and Conditions to see if they need updating.

VAT Rate Change and your Website

If your Website has prices on it, even if its not an e-commerce site, then you need to make sure that the prices and graphics have been updated to reflect the VAT rate changes.

If you run an e-commerce site make sure that you have also updated the VAT rates within your e-commerce platform.

VAT Rate Change and Datasheets & Pricelists

If you issue datasheets with prices on or you issue price lists to your Partners then you need to make sure that these have been updated and re-issued to your Partners.

The final thing that you need to check is that any invoices that you receive, at least for the next couple of weeks, have the correct VAT Rate Change on them.

Operations Manager MVPWhat is an MVP?

Every year Microsoft award Most Valued Professional (MVP) Status to a select number of professional consultants for their contributions to the product and the product community. Microsoft award MVP Status in the different products selecting the people who are not only knowledgeable in a product, but who also contribute to the product community and help other users.

Since the early 1990s, Microsoft has recognised the inspiring activities of MVPs around the world with the MVP Award. MVPs freely share their deep knowledge, real-world experience, and impartial, objective feedback to help people enhance the way they use technology. Of more than 100 million users who participate in technology communities, around 4,000 are recognized as Microsoft MVPs. You cannot take an exam to become an MVP, it is an award by Microsoft to recognise the skill of the individual and their knowledge of and commitment to a product.

There are MVP’s for most of the Microsoft Products, including Exchange, System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Windows 2008 etc.

What is an Operations Manager MVP?

An Operations Manager MVP is a professional who is highly skilled in all of the aspects of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. They will have been selected by Microsoft as someone who is worthy of the award, this is not something that you can, apply for, buy, or pass an exam for.

How Many Operations Manager MVP are there?

Worldwide there are 32 Operations Manager MVP and of the 32 Operations Manager MVP only 4 of them are based in the UK.

More About Graham Davies, Operations Manager MVP

Graham Davies Operations Manager MVPGraham has been working with Operations Manager since before it was acquired by Microsoft in 2000, whilst he was at NetIQ.  Graham also carried out some of the initial training for Microsoft UK on Operations Manager, when it was initially acquired by Microsoft.

Graham is the Senior System Center Consultant for AK Computer Services, based out of Hampshire in the South of England. AKCSL are very proud of the fact that Graham has been recognised by Microsoft as being an Operations Manager MVP for the 2nd year in a row.

Graham runs an System Center Operations Manager Blog and is a Moderator on the Microsoft Operations Manager Forums.

About AK Computer Services Limited

AKCSL - Experts in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

AK Computer Services (AKCSL) are a consultancy and Microsoft Partner specialising in Microsoft based Systems Management Solutions. They have designed and implemented Systems Management solutions which are monitoring over 25,000 servers worldwide.

AKCSL specialise in the design and implementation of  Operations Manager, System Center Data Protection Manager, System Center Service Manager based solutions for Enterprise Customers. They also provide solutions for the Remote Monitoring of Customer Operations Manager Implementations.

AKCSL have designed and implemented systems for Customers as diverse as: Building Societies, The Coastguard, Banks, Engineering and Construction companies and Health Insurance companies.

For more details about AKCSL please visit the website at www.akcsl.com or call us on +(44)1489-897760. If you have an technical issue that you want to discuss with an Operations Manager MVP then give Graham a call.